Wild Rift – One of them can be obtained for free. Abilities and gameplay

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The day after the release of Update 2.3 for the mobile MOBA League of Legends: Wild Rift, the developers added two champions at once: Irelia and Riven. Moreover, one of them can be obtained for free by completing several tasks of the Broken Blades event. The second one will need to be bought for in-game currency.

The event will end on June 16 at 02:59 UTC. You can find a complete list of tasks on a special page.

Under the spoiler, you will find the abilities of the new champions:

  • Ionian fervor (passive) – When Irelia hits enemies with her skills, she gains a cumulative attack speed bonus. Having collected the maximum number of charges, she also begins to inflict additional damage on hit.
  • Pulsing Blade – Irelia dashes towards her target, restoring her health. If the target is tagged or dies from Pulsing Blade, the skill’s cooldown is reset.
  • Daring dance – Irelia prepares to strike, the damage of which depends on the preparation time. Irelia takes less physical damage while preparing.
  • Flawless duet – Irelia throws two blades, which then fly towards each other. Enemies hit by them are damaged, stunned, and marked.
  • Edge of the Vanguard (absolute) – Irelia unleashes multiple blades that fly apart when hitting an enemy champion. Enemies hit by the blades are damaged and marked. The blades then form a wall that damages and slows down enemies who pass through.

  • Runed Blade (passive) – Applying skills, Riven charges his blade. Her basic attacks consume charges and deal additional damage.
  • Broken wings – Riven starts a series of punches. This skill can be activated three times within a short period of time, with the third blow knocking back enemies.
  • Chi Burst – Riven emits Chi energy, damaging and stunning all surrounding enemies.
  • Valor – Riven dashes forward and gains a shield that absorbs damage.
  • Exiled Blade (absolute) – Riven charges her sword with energy, increasing the range and attack power, as well as the range of damage to attack skills. In addition, while the sword is fortified, she can use the powerful ranged skill – Windstrike once.

At the same time, the ARAM mode (random champions on the middle lane) returned to the game with various balance changes. It will be available throughout June, after which it will be sent back for revision.

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