Wildborn is an Asian MMORPG from Line Games for iOS and Android, with an estimated release date

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Smash Legends publisher is currently focusing on an Asian MMORPG for smartphones; its name is Wildborn. So far, we have a CGI trailer and screenshots at TapTap… The gameplay will be from the third person, that is, no isometric. Graphics on a mobile level, probably Unreal Engine 4. But there is a “blur”. The interface will not be very packed with icons, which is a big plus. In this case, the battles with bosses will be for a while: in the screenshots you can see three stars and three more figurines next to the timer.

The description for the game says that this is an alternative to “Monster Hunter”. That is, we will hunt large fantasy creatures. A chibi assistant will run with us. In general, this game appeared on radars back in 2019, but it still won’t be released. If the infa from the trailers is at least 80% true, then we will get a good MMORPG for smartphones.

Wildborn will launch on iOS and Android worldwide in 2021. There is no exact release date yet. Probably it will be a shareware project with all that it implies. Now you can pre-register through TapTap

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