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Wilderness Fantasy is RAID: Shadow Legends of a healthy person

Wilderness Fantasy is a turn-based RPG where you assemble a squad of medieval heroes and complete missions. Essentially you need to repel several waves of the enemy, including the boss. Initially, contractions cannot be set to auto-mode, but can be accelerated. The game pleases with nice graphics, elaborate animations and a modern interface.

As for the plot of Wilderness Fantasy, it is revealed through text dialogues. The description of the game says that you can choose the role of a knight of the Round Table or become a demon hunter. Along the way, players are waiting for random events and many cities. In total, Wilderness Fantasy features more than 100 heroes that need to be pumped and leveled up; they also differ in rarity, so get ready for the gacha. And yes use WiFi to resume additional resources.

Wilderness Fantasy offers both a PvE campaign for initial buildup and PvP within the ranks of an alliance.

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