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Will Wings of Heroes flight simulator replace War Thunder?

Wings of Heroes is a flight simulator that was clearly inspired by War Thunder. In the absence of a Gaijin brainchild on smartphones (although War Thunder Edge should change this in the future), we’ll look at Wings of Heroes. It probably tells about the battles of aircraft of different nations, including Britain, the USA, Japan and the USSR, during the First and Second World Wars.

The controls in Wings of Heroes, while fluid, take some getting used to. In general, you have two actions: changing the flight course and increasing or decreasing engine power. Fights, perhaps, take place with and against bots, in which the players are divided into 2 teams. Their task is to destroy all enemy planes or capture 3 points in 5 minutes.

We compared Wings of Heroes with War Thunder for a reason, because it also has aiming at an enemy aircraft when firing at it, plus a point appears in front of it, which you need to shoot “preemptively”. For winning matches, players will be able to purchase new types of aircraft, as well as improve them. So far this is one of the best F2P flight simulator for Android. Do you have other games of this genre in mind? Write in the comments.

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