Wingspan – an unusual card game about birds and calmness for iOS

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Card games have taken on a new lease of life thanks to touch screens, because pressing a key or button does not give the same feeling as tapping on the display. Meet the unusual game Wingspan. This is a calm game from the Monster Couch studio. We take on the role of caretaker of the reserve, where many species of birds live. The nature reserve consists of three biomes: forest, wetland and pasture.

Wingspan supports co-op mode for up to five people. The developers point out the discovery and attraction of the best birds as the main features. In total, the game has more than 500 species of birds with real audio recordings of their singing. Each bird has points, along with bonus cards and missions, we get an advantage over other players. By the way, the cards are animated, but the interface can seem overloaded, especially for beginners.

Wingspan is already available on iOS, PC, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One. This is a premium project, the price of the issue is 899 rubles… There is no information about the version for Android. There is a Russian localization, the age rating is “4+”.

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