World of Sanctuary – Diablo IV Locations and Dungeons Details

Blizzard has published another quarterly report on the isometric Action RPG Diablo IV, which is in development. This time, the developers talked about the world of Sanctuary, where the franchise takes place, or rather about the locations and dungeons. For those who want to get acquainted with all the details in detail, we advise you to look at the official website. Here we have collected only the most important information in brief form.

World of Sanctuary

  • Players will be able to explore 5 scenic areas, each with a variety of unique dangers. The developers want each hand-crafted region to be special and have a deep atmosphere.
  • How exactly to explore the world is up to the players themselves. Teams of artists and designers have created a seamless world where you can go from coast to coast or go to the icy peaks.

Bank of Skosglen

Diablo IV Quarterly Update Blog - Scosglen Coast

  • When designing the Skosglen Shore, the environment art team sought to capture the image of wild coastlines and untamed headlands.
  • Tall grass that reacts to the blows of the sea wind, uncomfortable beaches littered with algae and rotting corpses, rocky cliffs from which headlands are carved by continuous waves – with the help of all this, the team wanted to show that dangers await at every turn.
  • Blizzard uses a realistic and natural color scheme for all elements of the game to create a play space that graphically matches the harsh world of Sanctuary.
  • The developers wanted, first of all, to make the settlements deeply interconnected with the features of the area.
  • In vain trying to resist the harsh elements, the locals built their dilapidated and dilapidated dwellings from improvised materials.
  • Fishing is an integral part of the hard everyday life of local residents.
  • Many elements of the environment are dynamic, and all the scenery of the drowned is interactive or destructible.
  • The drowned dig mountains of treasure from the seabed, and after each attack, the shores of Sanctuary are strewn with relics of long-forgotten peoples.

Orbey Monastery

  • The Orbey Monastery is an isolated and remote landmark in the depths of the Dry Steppes.
  • Although the influence of the Zakarum has waned, this place serves as proof that not everyone has left this religion yet.
  • To work with the Dry Steppes, full of waterless plains, the developers took the idea of ​​dusty meadows with sparse vegetation as a basis.
  • As an additional interesting feature of this region, a team of environment artists created a biome of salt marshes.
  • The developers are trying to give this place an image that says that once in this slowly decaying building, many monks studied the Zakarum faith.
  • Many of Zakarum’s followers made a pilgrimage to the Orbey Monastery. This concept is emphasized by the caravans located along the road.
  • Going outside the monastery to the area of ​​geothermal springs, you will have to fight with the indigenous inhabitants of these lands.


  • First of all, the developers sought to give Kiovoshad the oppressive atmosphere of a frozen and harsh medieval settlement, but at the same time they wanted to emphasize that it serves as a refuge for everyone who lives within its walls.
  • Since this settlement is a military one, the authors decided to gradually increase the number of small defensive structures as they approached it. So the player will be able to understand that something important awaits him ahead.
  • The city has typical Shattered Peaks architecture.
  • The area is rich in forests, so the locals use pine boards and birch shingles in construction, and the buildings themselves are designed primarily with practicality in mind.
  • In the southern part of Kiovoshad, there are simple houses, some of which are adjacent to the city walls. The authors wanted the players to have an association with slum camps, which are characterized by high building density.
  • In these slums, destitute residents seek salvation from the merciless elements. This concept is emphasized by such details as frayed fabric, broken shelters and a bleak atmosphere.
  • Kiovoshad is divided into many districts, each with its own scenery.

Dungeons of Sancutaria

  • As with previous Diablo games, the dungeons will be randomly generated.
  • The developers have added new features with which they can create even more dungeons throughout the world of Sanctuary than before.
  • For more than 150 dungeons, the authors have changed the way environments are designed and made them more flexible to be used in different locations, not just one dungeon.

Forgotten places of the world

  • The fixed camera has become one of the most useful tools for Blizzard, as it allows you to place items in the foreground without obscuring the play area.
  • The developers want the dungeons to feel limitless to you, as if you are exploring only a small part of a huge underground labyrinth.
  • The props and interactive elements team strives to maintain a mysterious and creepy style.
  • In such dungeons, a lot of attention is paid to the outlines of the game area, its scale and depth. This improves visibility and ease of movement while emphasizing the sheer size of the space.

Vile Caves

  • In order to create a large amount of quality content, the authors had to develop ways to reuse the types of decorations and give them enough variety to be enough for more than 150 dungeons and that there is something new for every player.
  • As you travel through the Vile Caverns, you will see many druidic items such as talismans and amulets.
  • Developers put many different items on the layer, which can be turned on or off depending on the theme. One dungeon will be the burial place of the druids, and the other will be an uninhabited dark cave.
  • In this dungeon, Blizzard was able to expand on the druids’ set of scenery, trying to make them interesting and believable while still maintaining a familiar look.

flooded depths

  • Switching Decoration Types is a feature that allows you to combine two different types of decorations in the same dungeon. For example, you are exploring a crypt and then go through a hole in the wall and find yourself in a huge network of caves.
  • In the Drenched Depths, you can see the Medieval Gothic style, easily recognizable and beloved by the players.
  • The objects should feel familiar to you, but corrupted by the damp hordes of the drowned.
  • In the dungeon, we see how the gloomy and sinister corridors of the tower are gradually replaced by putrid sea tones.


Finally, the developers shared a short video showing various places from Diablo IV. We are promised a new report next quarter.

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