World of Tanks has released a major update 1.13 with a new mode

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In the tank battle simulator World of Tanks, a fresh update 1.13 has been released, which is the largest this year. The list of interesting changes is shown below:

  • New mode “Reconnaissance in force”, where players have access to new maps, among which there is an updated “Minsk”. In this mode, users can receive various bonuses and rewards, including premium.
  • The system of high-explosive fragmentation shells has been reworked based on the results of the “Sandbox”.
  • New tactical opportunities for countering self-propelled guns, as well as increased variability when playing for this type of vehicle.
  • Amplification of some researchable light tanks and a number of premium vehicles.
  • Changing the drawing system. Now you can use unnecessary blueprints to the advantage and get the desired technique faster.
  • Various interface improvements in battle and in the Garage.

Among other things, the patch includes many fixes, as well as rebalancing of maps and equipment.

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