World Of Tanks will soon receive a new event with a fresh, experimental game mode, which will be tested in the “Sandbox” from January 21 to 28. Anyone can apply for a closed beta test for the upcoming update through the official website.

The event is called “Victory Strategy” and will offer team battles in Tier X vehicles. Users will be divided into two teams: tankers, seven “live” people participate, and a Strategist team.

The latter acts in battle alone and a detachment of seven tanks under the control of AI is given to him. The version of the game for Strateg is significantly different: a top view is prepared for him, just like in strategies, and you need to give commands with the mouse.

For tankers, the main task on the battlefield is the defense of the base or survival. The strategist must destroy all enemy equipment or capture the desired point. Fights last no more than 15 minutes.

There is no release date for the update with the new event and mode yet.

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