Indie developers have released yet another mobile strategy game for World War II. This time – World War 2: Strategy Games. At the very beginning, we are shown the main functions (base building), troop movements, etc. Troops move quite vigorously across the world map. Like the Civilization series, there is a fog of war here. Because of this, enemies may appear right in front of your nose… Tanks may run out of ammunition, so keep nearby military truck with ammunition.

For combat bonuses, you must manage the squad one of the generals… It would help if you built various buildings to produce units. Resources are wasted on them. Missions are divided into tasks, the completion of which replenishes our resources. The animation of the battles is made at a relative level.

World War 2: Strategy Games is already available on Android but in a limited number of countries. Apparently, this is a trial run. This is a shareware project with ads and in-game purchases. There is no version information for iOS.

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