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Slasher is an advanced character. The character focuses on melee attacks, and with the help of perks that increase damage dealt and at the same time reduce damage taken, we get a great character for melee combat. This class also benefits the entire team by increasing the effectiveness of allies in hand-to-hand combat.

Slasher class – general information

The Slasher is a hand-to-hand combat specialist. Most of the class’s skills are focused on increasing the character’s effectiveness when fighting in close combat using a machete. Perks increase both the damage dealt by these attacks and the number of attacks that can be performed before the character gets tired. The class gains a massive 50% damage reduction and 90% friendly fire damage when fighting in melee combat, allowing the class to stay in the center of enemies, even on higher difficulty levels. The class deals massive damage with melee strikes – with the proper upgrade, even the Ox will be knocked down in just a few hits. The class offers melee attack bonuses to the entire group, allowing allies to perform more melee attacks.

The slasher starts with a stun gun and a compact SMG. The Stun Gun fires electrodes capable of stunning and killing over a dozen enemies in a single shot. The tool can be upgraded with perks, turning it into a deadly weapon.

The main class perks are: Shock Trooper, Slice and Dice, Executioner and Blade Master.

Slasher – available perks

Slasher, like other character classes in World War Z, has access to 31 different perks. All of them are presented below:

0 – starting perk

Shock troops

You start with a stun gun and a compact SMG. Melee attacks deal damage to two targets and deal double damage. Melee attacks are not slowed.

1. Crowd control

Melee hit radius increased by 50%.

2. All Elbows

Reduces zombie movement speed by 100%.

3. Rooted

Increases the number of zombies required to pin a character from 8 to 12.

4. Juiced Up

Stun Gun effect duration increased by 100%.

5. Zeus

Increases the range of the stun gun by 50% and the maximum number of targets that can be hit simultaneously to 20 (base range 12 meters, number of base targets 15).

6. High voltage

Increases stun weapon damage by 100%.

7 Bullet Dodger

The character receives 90% less friendly fire from bullets when performing melee attacks.

8. Nimble

The character takes 50% less damage from zombies when performing melee attacks.

9. With My Last Breath

Melee deals damage to 1 more target when character’s health drops below 25%>

10. Slice and bones

You and your teammates can deal more melee hits (+2).

11. Trophy Hunter

The character deals 25% more damage to special zombies.

12. Wheatgrass

Character health increased by 25%.

13. Silent killer

The character starts with a TMP5 SMG with a silencer upgrade.

14. Strength

Killing 10 zombies in melee combat with a melee weapon grants a temporary health boost. The ability has a cooldown of 30 seconds.

15. Cloak and dagger

Killing 10 zombies quickly with a melee weapon grants a cloaking effect. The ability has a cooldown of 30 seconds.

16. Third hand

Killing 10 zombies with melee attacks in quick succession instantly reloads your main weapon.

17. Heavy Metal 1

The character starts with an upgraded Forrest Warrior chainsaw that deals 50% more damage and has 50% more fuel.

18. Heavy Metal II

The character starts with the upgraded Taiga-12 Heavy Assault Shotgun, which deals 25% more damage and has 25% more ammo.

19. War cry

The character automatically stands up after 5 seconds of recovery.

20. Executioner

The character can perform 1 more melee strike before becoming exhausted. Melee damage increased by 50%.

21. Shock therapy

The character does not get tired when melee attacking zombies are electrified by a stun gun.

22. Samurai

Killing 15 zombies in quick succession allows you to hit 1 more target per melee hit for 10 seconds.

23. Bloodlust

Killing special zombies with a melee weapon increases your firearm damage by 50% for 10 seconds.

24. Spare batteries

The maximum power of the Stun Gun has been increased to 4.

25. Pickpocket

Destroying 15 zombies in quick succession grants a 25% chance to restore one charge of your equipment.

26. Moneylender

Killing a special zombie gives you a 25% chance to restore one charge of your gear.

27. Flash Site

Using a stun weapon restores 1% of your primary weapon’s ammo.

28. Mage Swap!

SMG reload speed increased by 25%.

29. Adrenaline

Reload speed is increased by 50% when health is below 25%.

30. Blademaster

Melee attacks deal damage to 1 additional target.

Note. Firearm damage is the damage dealt by ranged weapons (shotguns, rifles, assault rifles, pistols, SMGs, etc.). This does not affect melee damage dealt by machetes and chainsaws.

Slasher – tips

To summarize, here is a list of tips that will make playing Slasher easier and more efficient:

  • The slasher is a specialist in close combat. The class is extremely effective at performing melee attacks and can be further enhanced with perks, to the point where most enemies can be killed in one hit and even the Bull will be knocked down in just a few hits.
  • The key early game advantages for the class are Bullet-Dodger and Nimble. The former reduces damage taken from friendly fire attacks by 90%, reducing them to almost 0, while the latter reduces damage taken from enemy attacks when performing melee attacks by 50%. These two perks turn Slasher into a tank. The Wheatgrass perk is also useful as it increases the character’s health by 25%.
  • Despite the fact that Slasher is a specialist in hand-to-hand combat, you should not rush to fight a swarm of zombies. The character of this class is strong in melee and can even outdo the Bull, but when faced with a group of 50 enemies, you will lose health and/or lose an ability.
  • Slasher’s unique equipment is the stun gun. The weapon fires electrodes that electrocute the target and nearby foes, stunning them and, in most cases, killing the affected foes. The stun gun is a powerful tool that can stop the tide of a swarm of zombies, especially in a tight aisle.
  • Stun Gan can be upgraded with perks. You can increase the number of “bullets” the tool can store, the number of enemies hit, as well as the damage dealt by the electrode, making the tool capable of killing almost all enemies except a bull with a single shot. A valuable perk is Flash Site – it forces you to restore 1% of the main ammo for each enemy.
  • The slasher can increase the effectiveness of the unit’s melee attacks. The Slice and Dice perk allows you and your teammates to perform 2 more melee attacks before getting tired.
  • Slasher doesn’t have a favorite weapon group. A character of this class can use all types of weapons, but the weapons of the SMG and Shotgun groups are most suitable here, since the character will fight in close combat most of the time.
  • Note that you will eventually unlock all perks, but you should focus on the one you really need as it will take a significant amount of supplies to unlock them.


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