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World War Z – Defense Systems

In addition to weapons and normal equipment, World War Z gives players access to various defense systems, technologies that allow players to fend off zombies. Defense systems are useful when you will be dealing with normal enemies at certain stages of missions, and when the team has to face a huge Swarm.


Turrets are static machine guns that players can deploy to take out a crowd of zombies. The turrets deal massive damage and are able to take the Bull out in the blink of an eye, whether you’re shooting at the enemy’s head or torso – normal zombies and other special infected will die from a single bullet. Keep in mind that the turret has blind spots – it can only be rotated to a certain extent, making it vulnerable from behind and on both sides. Fortunately, a well-coordinated team can protect the player who mounts the tower.

Automatic turrets

Automatic turrets are almost identical to the previous piece of equipment, with a slight difference – they do not need to be mounted. Automatic turrets are controlled by AI – they will aim and fire at enemies on their own, making them extremely effective defense systems. You don’t have to worry about blind spots as the zombies don’t run towards the Auto Tower.


The Mortar is a fixed defense system capable of launching explosives over long distances. One projectile fired from a mortar is capable of destroying several enemies at once, both normal and specially infected. The only downside to the mortar is the fact that the projectile will take a few seconds to reach its target, making the weapon more effective against the Swarm than single targets.


Claymores can be placed on the ground and they will automatically explode as soon as the zombie gets closer. Claymores are extremely effective at protecting small exits and points that would normally be guarded by no one.

Note – Claymores can easily cause damage to other players, especially on higher difficulty levels. Do not place them between group members or near zombies – in the latter case, the explosives will go off before you reach a safe distance.

Barbed wire

Barbed wire can be placed in designated areas to block the path of an advancing Zombie Swarm. Zombies trying to cross them will get stuck and die after a while.

electric trap

Electric traps are the most distinctive defensive system, as they are the only ones that don’t kill enemies. Instead, they paralyze enemies, making them extremely effective against Bulls.


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