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World War Z – Matchmaking and cross-play system

World War Z is a game that can be played with bots offline, allowing players to have fun with the game. What if a person doesn’t have a squad ready and still wants to play with “live” people and not with bots? Luckily, the game uses the matchmaking system detailed in this chapter.

What is the matchmaking system?

The matchmaking system is a mechanic that can be found in any MMORPG game, although today it is found in almost all games dedicated to online gameplay. Thanks to the system, you can easily find other players who want to play a certain mission at a certain time.

Note. The time it takes to find other players depends entirely on the times you plan to play. Finding people willing to play with you during peak hours (from 12:00 to 18:00) will be much easier than early in the morning or late in the evening.

How to use the system?

Unlike other games, the matchmaking system in World War Z does not require any action from the player. To use it, you just need to select “Offline Mode” from the main menu, select the episode you want to play and wait for the system to find other players to play. You don’t have to wait for a full team – the game can be launched (all players must press the “Done” button) and all empty spaces in the team will be filled with AI controlled robots.

Is PS+Xbox Live Gold required?

Those planning to play World War Z on consoles may be wondering if they can do so without a Playstation Plus (PS4) or Xbox Live Gold (XONE) subscription. Subscriptions are required to play online modes in most other games. Here things work a little differently:

You can play alone without a subscription. You will be able to play the entire storyline (all episodes) with AI robots offline.

Access to the online campaign mode will be blocked – you will not be able to connect to it until you activate your subscription or connect to your account.

PvP game modes will also be blocked.

The matchmaking system will not work – you will not be able to find players to play.

Generally, you can play World War Z without paying a subscription. However, we highly recommend getting a subscription – even if you can complete the main storyline with the help of bots, they won’t be able to help you on higher difficulty levels (especially Very Hard and Insane). Moreover, you will not have access to the matchmaking system and several PvP modes.

cross-play system

Some of the new players may be wondering if World War Z has a cross-play capability – and if so, how it can be used. Cross-play is an option that allows players to play together on different platforms – in this case, PC, Playstation 4 and Xbox One. This is an increasingly popular feature in online games among players – they can use it to play with their friends. Unfortunately, the developers do not plan such functionality.

Before you start your adventure with the game, you need to decide which platform you want to play on. Since the game relies heavily on character progression, it will be difficult to switch to another platform. World War Z does not have a demo, which makes the lack of a cross-play feature even more problematic.

Note – in addition to the lack of a cross-play feature, the game does not allow players to exchange accounts between different platforms. You will not be able to transfer your progress from the PC version to the console and vice versa.


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