World’s End Club: Review

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For fans of crazy Japanese adventures studio Too Kyo Games seems like a dream team. Firstly, the author of the excellent plots of the series works there. 999 and shiny AI: The Somnium Files… Secondly, the screenwriter works with him. Danganronpa – no less luxurious thriller trilogy. It seemed that together these people would be able to create something incredible that would overshadow their previous work. As a result, they released World’s end club – was the game so outstanding?

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Begins World’s end club intriguingly: a group of children is on a bus trip when a meteorite hits the Earth. The blast wave throws the children somewhere far away, after which the heroes wake up in an abandoned underwater amusement park with bracelets on their hands. A flying villain appears and invites children to play a survival game. The timer starts, the characters scandal with each other, try to eliminate competitors – it seems that this is the beginning of a cool story.

It soon turns out that the opening episode has a happy ending, and the game is not about that at all. The guys get out, left safe and sound after the test, and find that something is wrong with the world. Everything is overgrown and abandoned, there are no people, there is no one to ask for help. And for some reason they are located in Kadokawa prefecture, although they were traveling from Tokyo to Kamakura – they threw them back more than a thousand kilometers. The heroes decide to go where they once lived, and their long journey across Japan begins.

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Towards the end of the game, you regret that the gameplay episodes cannot be missed.

There are a lot of disadvantages: both the control is clumsy (different actions are assigned to one button), and jumps are made with a delay, and crashes happen. Collectible items generally cause laughter: first, the game stops so that they appear out of thin air, then freezes again after taking them, and they turn out to be meaningless stickers. And you usually don’t have to look for them – you pick them up on the way to the main goal.

The presence of Russian subtitles was a pleasant surprise. When you listen to English speech, you don’t see a lot of gag in the translation, but the quality is still not the best – sometimes there are typos, then the characters change gender during the conversation. During his reflections, the main character informs that he “thought for a long time”, and when the guys communicate with each other, during each dialogue you begin to doubt whether it is a girl with a female voice or still a boy.

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