Worms publisher tackles dark Souls-like Thymesia

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Thymesia is a dark action game from the publisher Team 17, who is best known for the Worms franchise. This is an indie project whose world is closely related to alchemy. Because of her, a plague struck the local lands and turned people into monsters. By destroying bosses, players will master “plague” skills. In this case, sometimes you can turn into a crow and attack enemies with sharp feathers. Since the game is inspired by Dark Souls, you need to check your punches with the block. Weapons and fighting techniques can be improved and changed.

As we travel the world, we will recover lost memories. The ending of the game will depend on our decisions and collected items. This is probably a hint of multiple endings. By the way, in the new trailer, the developers showed about two minutes of gameplay. The project looks really at an indie level.

Thymesia will hit PC by the end of 2021. The game can now be added to your wishlist on Steam. Russian localization will be. System requirements are very biting:

  • CPU: Intel Core i7
  • RAM: 16 GB
  • Video card: NVIDIA RTX 2060


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