WoW Classic has kicked off the season of mastery where everyone can start afresh on an equal footing

World of WarCraft: Classic has an update with Season of Mastery, which allows you to start over on a level playing field and replay all content. Patches with innovations will be gradually released over 12 months, until the saga ends again.

The release stages of updates include:

  • Stage 1 (WoW Classic Mastery Season Launch)
    • Molten Core
    • Onyxia
    • Maraudon
    • Honor point system in PvP and on the battlefield (in WoW Classic, these features were added in the 3rd and 4th stages)
  • 2nd stage (after 2 months)
    • Forgotten city
    • Azuregos
    • Kazzak
  • 3rd stage (after 2 months)
    • Blackwing Lair
    • Darkmoon Fair
    • Introducing Darkmoon Decks
  • 4th stage (after 2 months)
    • Zul’Gurub
    • Green dragons
  • 5th stage (after 2 months)
    • Ahn’Qiraj Campaign Begins
    • Raiding Ahn’Qiraj as the campaign progresses
  • 6th stage (after 2 months)
    • Naxxramas
    • Scourge Invasion

Among other things, users in the worlds where the fresh season has begun will experience accelerated character development, increased difficulty of the game at high levels, and other changes.

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