XCOM 2 cheats and console commands

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XCOM 2 is a very ruthless game that simply does not forgive mistakes! Even if you are not new to turn-based strategies, in the very first battle the entire squad can easily die, and you will not even have time to understand what happened.

If you are already tired of this, then do not be discouraged – there is a way out, since there are many different console commands and cheats available for the game from Firaxis Games. That is why we went in search of the most useful ones, which we placed in the list below!

To begin with, it’s worth saying that various console commands and cheats allow players to change the gameplay of XCOM 2 in various ways: from gaining complete invulnerability to a small increase in resources.

Before you begin, you need to turn on the console. There are two ways to do this:

  • If you’re playing XCOM 2 on Steam, right-click on the game’s icon in your library, then select “properties” and set launch options:
    • In the window that opens, write “-allowconsole -log -autodebug”. If you do not do this, you will not be able to open the console in the game.

Launch Options for XCOM 2 in the Steam Library

  • If you use to play XCOM 2, then right-click on the game’s shortcut, go to properties > shortcut, and type “-allowconsole -log -autodebug” in the Target field. This method also applies if you are playing a pirated version of XCOM 2.

After that, the console in the game can be opened using the tilde (~) key.

Here is a list of console commands and cheats that are especially useful during the passage of XCOM 2:

Cheat/Console commandDescription
powerup Enables god mode, eliminates the need to reload (must be entered on every mission)
TakeNoDamage Units no longer take damage
ToggleUnlimitedActions Infinite Action Points
ForceCritHits 100% Critical Strike Chance
GiveActionPoints [Количество] Adds the specified number of action points to a unit
TTC Teleports the selected soldier to the cursor
SkipAI Skip AI turn (computer)
SetStrategyFacilitiesUnlockAll Unlocks all objects for construction
SetStrategyFacilitiesInstantBuild Allows you to instantly build objects
MakeSoldierAClass [Имя] grenadierTransforms the selected soldier into a grenadier
MakeSoldierAClass [Имя] PsiOperative Turns the selected soldier into a psi agent
MakeSoldierAClass [Имя] Rookie Turns the selected soldier into a recruit
MakeSoldierAClass [Имя] Ranger Transforms the selected soldier into a ranger
MakeSoldierAClass [Имя] sharp shooterTransforms the selected soldier into a well-aimed sniper
MakeSoldierAClass [Имя] Specialist Turns the selected soldier into a specialist
GiveResource Supplies [Количество] Gives the given amount of resources
GiveResourceIntel [Количество] Gives out a given amount of intelligence
GiveResource EleriumDust [Количество] Gives out a given amount of Elerium Crystals
GiveResource EleriumCore [Количество] Gives out the specified number of elerium cores
GiveResource AlienAlloy [Количество] Gives out the specified number of alloys

You can also use console commands and cheats to unlock individual technologies:

  • GiveTech ModularWeapons – Modular Weapons
  • GiveTech MagnetizedWeapons – magnetic weapons
  • GiveTech GaussWeapons – Gauss weapons
  • GiveTech PlasmaRifle – Plasma Rifle
  • GiveTech HybridMaterials – hybrid materials
  • GiveTech PlatedArmor – plate armor
  • GiveTech HeavyPlasma – heavy plasma
  • GiveTech PlasmaSniper – Plasma Rifle (Research)
  • GiveTech AlloyCannon – a cannon made of extraterrestrial alloys
  • GiveTech Tech_Elerium – Elerium
  • GiveTech PoweredArmor – Power Armor
  • GiveTech WraithSuit – Ghost Suit
  • GiveTech WARSuit – combat suit
  • GiveTech Psionics – psi-technologies
  • GiveTech EXOSuit – exosuit
  • GiveTech SpiderSuit – Spider suit
  • GiveTech AlienBiotech – alien biotechnology
  • GiveTech AutopsySectoid – autopsy sectoid
  • GiveTech AutopsyViper – viper autopsy
  • GiveTech AutopsyAndromedon – autopsy andromedon
  • GiveTech AutopsyFaceless – opening faceless
  • GiveTech AutopsyMuton – autopsy muton
  • GiveTech AutopsyBerserker – berserker autopsy
  • GiveTech AutopsyArchon – archon autopsy
  • GiveTech AutopsyGatekeeper – opening the gatekeeper
  • GiveTech AutopsyAdventStunLancer – Advent spearman autopsy
  • GiveTech AutopsyAdventShieldbearer – Autopsy Advent Shieldbearer
  • GiveTech AutopsyAdventTurret – Opening the Advent Turret
  • GiveTech AutopsyAdventMEC – Analysis of the IEC “Advent”
  • GiveTech AutopsyChryssalid – autopsy chryssalid
  • GiveTech AutopsySectopod – breakage of the sectopod
  • GiveTech AutopsyAdventTrooper – Autopsy Advent Trooper
  • GiveTech ExperimentalArmor – experimental armor
  • GiveTech Bluescreen – Blue Screen Protocol
  • GiveTech Skullmining – penetration into the skull
  • GiveTech HeavyWeapons – heavy weapons
  • GiveTech AdvancedHeavyWeapons – improved heavy weapons
  • GiveTech BattlefieldMedicine – military field medicine
  • GiveTech PlasmaGrenade – plasma grenade
  • GiveTech AdvancedGrenades – improved explosives
  • GiveTech Skulljack – skull drill
  • GiveTech ExperimentalAmmo – experimental ammo
  • GiveTech ExperimentalGrenade – experimental grenade

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