Xiaomi adds intelligent charging optimization to MIUI to extend battery life

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Charging Xiaomi

One of the features worth adding to the MIUI 12 add-on with the next update is intelligent charging optimization… We already have an idea of ​​the work of this function from other smartphone manufacturers, but Xiaomi decided to implement it only now.

Chinese giant Xiaomi is increasingly pushing the limits of maximum performance for wired and wireless charging. For example, the recently presented flagship smartphone Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra supports power up to 67 watts for wired charging as well as wireless charging.

High charging power, as you probably already know, may adversely affect maximum battery life… It is for this reason that the MIUI developers decided to bring a useful feature to the add-on that will definitely increase the battery life.

The well-known developer kacskrz from the XDA developer forum posted a post in which he disclosed information related to a new feature discovered in the main code, designed to intelligently optimize the charging process… This should be possible thanks to sophisticated algorithms that first need to be “tuned” to the user’s lifestyle.

How will it work?

Suppose the owner of the smartphone puts the cell phone on the charger every night at about ten o’clock and unplugs it the next morning at six o’clock. In this way, the new charging optimization will know How long does it take for a smartphone to be fully charged?, and can adjust the maximum charging power accordingly to extend the battery life.

The outlook for this new feature looks really great and we are already looking forward to the official release of Xiaomi. You will most likely receive this feature along with the 12.5 update.


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