Xiaomi Changed Its Mind About Releasing MIUI 12 For Its Four Smartphones

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Xiaomi has updated the list of smartphones for which the MIUI 12 firmware will be released. Alas, there are four losses in the new list: we are talking about entry-level models.

Xiaomi changed its mind about releasing MIUI 12 for its four smartphones

According to the new listing, Redmi Y3, Redmi 7, Redmi 6, and Redmi 6A will not officially receive MIUI 12, although nothing stops enthusiasts from working on the firmware. Xiaomi explains this solution with “compatibility and performance problems.” What kind of problems is meant is not clear, but they were obviously identified at the stage of adaptation of MIUI 12 for these models since all four smartphones were listed on the MIUI 12 waiting list for seven months.MIUI 12 Hands-on: 12 interesting new features added in Xiaomi’s Android OS

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