A dinner was held in China today, where fans of Xiaomi and its management exchanged thoughts, opinions and ideas. The most important question, formulated by the head of the company Lei Jun, is the fate of the flagship line Xiaomi Mi MIX on the eve of the event. And then the thoughts of both sides converged.

Fans have been waiting for the continuation of Mi MIX 3 and the line in general for a long time, and now they finally waited: Lei Zun has officially announced the release of Mi MIX 4 this year. It will be expensive and far from a simple model that will “outshine its predecessors.” It will incorporate all the most advanced technologies. The source suggests that the device will have a sub-screen front camera, a flexible or curved display on all four sides, over-the-air charging (it differs from wireless in the absence of the need to place the smartphone directly on the charger), etc. While the smartphone’s conceptual status is looming, one cannot exclude its mass production and retail sales.

Lei Zun also announced the return of Xiaomi to the tablet market, and we are talking about new products – in the plural. Since there will be no most advanced technologies, in this case, new models of Xiaomi tablets may debut quite soon – in the current or next quarter.

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