XIII Remake download torrent For PC

XIII Remake download torrent For PC XIII Remake download torrent For PC

XIII Remake download torrent

Size: 18.15 GB | Seeds: 486 Lychees: 45

XIII Remake download torrent of a recently released remake of an amazing game released back in 2003. It’s been 17 years since then, and a lot has changed in that time. To create a shooter that competes with modern action fighters, the developers had to try. But they seem to have succeeded. The cult shooter is back and ready to delight you with chic martial arts and exciting missions. Try the first-person camera game, where you will find many interesting tasks and battles.

Story line

13 is the call sign of a special agent who has absolutely no memory of who he is. You have lost your memory and now you have to find out what your name is, why you have a very strange pseudonym and how you can shoot so well. The plot of the single-player campaign is already familiar to many from the first part, but here the developers have added many interesting twists and turns of the story. The novella is just beginning and you have to delve completely and headlong into this gorgeous story in order to help the protagonist find his self. The first mission starts with you lying on the sand on one of the beaches on the east coast and remember nothing. Your only clue is number 13 on your collarbone, as well as an iron key. But while you do not even understand what it is from. As it turned out later, he was from a cell in a storage room. It’s interesting what’s in there. Soon you should know all this and find out who you really are. Strange, but you know how to fight, fight well and shoot well. This is clearly not like a normal person. Then the main character discovers that he is being followed and they are trying to destroy him. And from that moment the fun begins. Save your life by killing enemy characters who want to do the same to you. Defeat enemies in various martial arts using a variety of weapons. It can be both machine guns, machine guns, all kinds of pistols, as well as knives, axes, clubs, garrotes. The game welcomes kills in stealth mode. Try to destroy enemies without noise, so as not to create unnecessary excitement around your person. The protagonist will be constantly haunted by flashbacks from the past. They are shown with videos, interesting acting out and cut scenes. To get started, download the XIII Remake torrent and try to install the game, and then go into it and play.

Game process

In addition to being a remake of the legendary action movie, a lot of new things have been added to the game. Of course, graphics, gameplay, gameplay in general have been improved. The picture is still animated, more like some kind of cartoon. This style was brilliantly presented in the original, and now it will return to your screens and will sparkle in the best possible way. Loads of atmospheric sounds, soundtrack, great dialogue – all straight out of 2003. And all this together with a chic storyline, designed for the passage of as many as 34 main levels. In addition, there are also auxiliary quests, mini-tasks. Complete them and get extra experience points, valuable weapons, artifacts, unique items and abilities. Enjoy all the privileges in martial arts. The better you fight, the more points you get and the faster you develop. Explore a huge world and slay all enemies on the spot. In addition to the single player game, there are battles for several people.

XIII Remake Features

  • unique plot;
  • quality gameplay;
  • back to the roots;
  • original dialogues, videos;
  • animated graphics;
  • many quests, mini-tasks;
  • beautiful design, soundtracks.

Download torrent XIII Remake – it’s really a great idea!

System requirements

  • OS: Windows 7, 8, 10 (64 bits)
  • Processor: Intel Core i5-4460 (3.2 GHz)
  • RAM: 8 GB
  • Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce (3 GB) / Radeon (4 GB)
  • Disk space: 21 GB


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