Yeager: Hunter Legend will be released in only two countries and on one platform

The developers of Yeager: Hunter Legend shared information on the trial run.

Yeager: Hunter Legend is a mobile replacement for the Monster Hunter franchise (now on par with Time to Hunt: Monster Hunter). In July, a beta test was held for it, but now it’s the turn of a trial run – in the official TapTap post, the developers said that they had already September 23 at 05:00 Moscow time Yeager: Hunter Legend will be available in the Philippines and Singapore. Of the platforms – only Android.

A new Asian server, “Relentless Attack” will open for Yeager: Hunter Legend. In honor of the trial run, players will be able to receive many awards from 23 to 29 September. For them, you just need to enter, but if you want very rare prizes, then you have to pump at least to level 35; deadline is September 28th.

As for the iOS version of Yeager: Hunter Legend, it will become available “later”, as the developers report. By the way, TapTap users can get even more rewards until October 22nd, but only the first 1,000 players since launch in Singapore and the Philippines count; instructions can be viewed link.

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