You can now rob a bank in Dead Cells, the developers will not stop there

Publisher Playdigious is not going to score on Dead Cells. Instead, a free bank robbery update is already available for major platforms.

Dead Cells is a top roguelike that has won the hearts of streamers and their viewers. The last time we talked about the DLC “The Queen and the Sea”, which will be released in April on smartphones. Many then thought that this was the last addition to Dead Cells, but Playdigious is in a hurry to disbelieve. For example, on the 30th of March, the free update “Bash the jackpot” was released. While it is available for major platforms, a mobile version may appear, but, as always, with a lag.

In the Break the Bump update, the developers added a new Bank biome, 3 enemies, 3 golden weapons and the same number of mutations. That’s not all – Playdigious promises more free updates and premium DLC through at least 2022. But although Dead Cells is considered a legendary game, users Reddit want a new project from this studio. Insiders say that work on it is already underway.

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