You can now sort reviews by device model on Google Play

If you want to know how a particular game plays on your smartphone, then Google Play now allows you to do so.

There are a lot of Android smartphones, so when you see reviews of a game on Google Play complaining about graphics and lags, you ask yourself: “Will my device pull it?”. For example, your humble servant found out that Genshin Impact is going pretty well on his device. The only problem is that not all reviews specifically talk about performance and graphics, so often you will still read criticism or praise towards the gameplay.

I also note that in the new version of Google Play, you can choose directly from your smartphone on which device to download this or that game. But this does not remove another, more serious problem of the service – a bad recommendation system, which is often built on paid projects. Also, you can’t find out about new releases, you can only go through pre-registration and see events, that is, updates, and even then not in all games.

Due to these limitations, we recommend using our game library.

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