You can play Diablo 1 and the Hellfire expansion on iOS and Android

While Blizzard is receiving a wave of hate from mobile gamers for monetizing Diablo Immortal, enthusiasts have ported Diablo 1 to smartphones.

“Listen to my stories, my friend” or Stay Awhile and Listen is the key phrase in the Diablo franchise, with which the first part begins. We even made a detailed description of its development and a video for it, everything is at the link. Now let’s talk about DevilutionX – a port of Diablo 1 for different platforms, including Android and iOS. The project can be downloaded via GitHub or Google Play, but it’s not a pirated version, so you’ll need files from the CD or GoG version. Detailed installation instructions for all platforms located here.

Based on user comments Reddit, DevilutionX brings many fixes and improvements to Diablo 1, including cross-platform multiplayer and controller support. What it’s about – you can even run it on PlayStation 4 or Nintendo 2DS. If we talk about the shortcomings, then some gamers complain about the controls, and especially the clumsy movement.

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