Yul-Hyul Kangho M: Ruler of the Land – “3 GB of slag” from Nexon for smartphones

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Today we learned that Nexon has received the rights to the global Blue Archive release. But this is a groundwork for the future, and now a Korean publisher has released Yul-Hyul Kangho M: Ruler of the Land. It is an action platformer with an oriental setting. We “shut up” bosses who have a lot of HP. You can make combos from attacks. The gameplay is divided into missions, for each you can get a maximum of three stars. Sometimes there are inserts in the game engine.

The graphics look passable, although the gameplay and visuals are reminiscent of a typical arcade game. For daily entry rewards are given. It all looks so-so, even by the standards of smartphones. If you are not enthusiastic about Asian projects, then pass by. One of the commentators on Google Play went as far as calling the game “3 GB of slag.” At the same time, the project has 4.3 stars out of 5 among almost 7,000 reviews.

Yul-Hyul Kangho M: Ruler of the Land is already available on iOS and Android. This is a shareware project with microtransactions up to 8 999 rubles per item… There is no Russian localization. Age rating “12+”.

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