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198X download torrent For PC 198X download torrent For PC

198X download torrent

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If you take all the games in retro style from the list, you can select 198X. She looks dignified and authentic, unlike other representatives. A large team worked on the indie game, which included composers who created hits from the 80s and 90s. Fans of retrogaming will surely enjoy the pixel graphics.

Story line

At the beginning of the game, the gates and streets of the city open up to the gamer. The picture is very similar to Street of Rage. Among the people are aggressive punks, as well as girls of easy virtue. Next comes the introduction to the main character. A teenager nicknamed baby lives in the suburbs of a large and noisy city. On the one hand, all the restrictions for young people are pressing on him, and on the other hand, the upcoming difficulties of adult life. In his free time from school, the guy is immersed in the world of arcade machines located not far from home. He is so passionate about games that he stopped separating real life from virtual.

Game process

The gamer needs to go through different arcade games. They talk about the life of a teenager, his thoughts. It turns out that all these small games are interconnected and create a common story. The player can take a game on any subject from the list: Japanese martial arts, racing, spaceships and others. Some levels are difficult to complete as fast reactions are required, and if the opponent fails to defeat, you have to go through most of the game again. Other levels, on the contrary, are very simple. Some games are very long and consist of several levels. Progress can only be seen at the end of the game. You can continue the battle through the main menu. The imbalance creates the point that in some small short games, such as street fights, the main character can immediately recover and continue the battle.

Features 198X

The advantages of 198X (you can download the torrent via the Internet) include excellent 2D graphics with beautiful animation, well-developed gameplay. It is also worth noting the soundtrack in the spirit of the 80s. All this together awakens nostalgia for those times. Some pictures that tell about the story of the protagonist can be attributed to works of art. Much attention has been paid to details.

It is also worth mentioning the nuances that may cause some inconvenience:

  • the user cannot independently change the picture or control settings;
  • the program itself adjusts to the screen format, but it is impossible to enter the resolution manually. This is the inconvenience. On some monitors, the image is adjusted to the character’s ability to fully move and pass the level. For example, in a ninja game, all obstacles appear abruptly, and the player cannot quickly perform the desired actions. It all depends on the resolution of the monitor. The most optimal for this game is a wide format 1920×1080;
  • if you have to connect another monitor with a different resolution to the computer, the picture will remain the same. It turns out that the game will not adjust to the screen for the second time, which will affect the image. Reinstalling the game will not help in this situation.
  • for those who do not want to play using the keyboard, it is possible to connect to an XBOX computer or another gamepad. The main condition is Xinput support.

198X (you can download the torrent on the site) is worth taking from the list of other games, since it is the best way to understand the history of arcade games. It is worth getting to know gamers who want to learn more about how blockbusters were born. It is hoped that in the future a second part will be released, in which all the shortcomings will be eliminated.

System requirements

  • Operating system: Windows 7, 8, 10
  • Processor: 2Ghz
  • RAM: 4GB
  • Video card: any
  • Hard Disk Memory: 500MB


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