Blitzkrieg 1 download torrent For PC

Blitzkrieg 1 download torrent

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Military real-time strategy released by a team of Russian developers almost 15 years ago. You can download the full edition of Blitzkrieg 1 torrent on this page of the site, it includes all official additions. The actions of the plot events take place during the largest battles of the Second World War. In the future, the original engine was used to release many similar games, as well as sequels.

Story Campaigns

We are offered to go through three separate sets of missions: for the USSR, for the Third Reich and for the army of the Allies (Americans and British). Also during the passage you will meet a large number of other factions: Finland, fascist Italy, Poland and France. The single player campaigns consist of a set of 9 chapters, each based on a different stage of World War II. Missions are divided among themselves into historical (based on real events) and arbitrary (randomly generated).

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The task sets are generally standard for strategy games: destroy the enemy base, stay alive for a certain amount of time, capture the enemy’s city or military bases. Randomly generated missions can be skipped, but completing them will earn players an extra amount of experience points. Blitzkrieg 1 you can download the torrent and get acquainted with the personal file of the protagonist today: it contains statistics on tasks completed, the amount of resources received and spent, and many other things.

It should be noted that the developers approached the recreation of the gameplay as realistically as possible: units and their weapons are based on real-life historical prototypes. Samples of infantrymen and military equipment really took part in the battles of the Second World War. For a more detailed acquaintance with them, you can study the in-game encyclopedia, which contains a huge amount of information about everything that can be seen throughout the passage.


After its release, the game deservedly became popular and received extremely positive feedback from the players: that is why in the future an incredible number of official and amateur additions came out to it along with sequels. The game engine made it possible to create battles not only of the Great Patriotic War, but also of other major armed conflicts, which the developers took advantage of.

System requirements

  • Windows 98/ME/2000/XP
  • Pentium 2 366 MHz or better
  • 64MB RAM
  • Any video card with 16-32 MB of memory


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