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More about the game Armikrog

Armikrog is a completely new game created in the adventure logic quest genre by the creators of the legendary adventure game Neverhood and Worm Jim – employees of Pencil Test Studios. Still, unfortunately for many users who are fans of Neverhood, the game will not be a continuation of this series since world-renowned game publisher EA owns the franchise. But, despite this feature, many call this game an ideological successor to the traditions of the above game. You have to plunge into a magical world that is full of chaos, chaotic fun, and a kind of humor, and we are sure that the Armikrog game will captivate you so much that you will not get up from the computer until you go through it from start to finish. By the way, you can play Armikrog without any difficulties from our site. You will need only two clicks to save the file on your computer, and further download will depend only on your Internet provider, which, alas, we will not be able to influence.

If we talk about Armikrog, it is necessary to mention that the game and an unusual plot and high-quality gameplay contain colorful graphics based on plasticine figures. The creators of the game did not make figures from real plasticine but believe me. The virtual world will be so believable that it will seem to be a reality and not a fictional reality. Many will think that real psychos created the game, but this is the very essence! Armikrog will allow you to unleash your creativity, and you can develop your imagination and change your perception of the world thanks to this quality game! Therefore, if you like plasticine games or are fans of arcade puzzles like the Neverhood or Worm Jim. We recommend you definitely Armikrog – the game file to not miss this masterpiece of the gaming industry!

How to download Armikrog via torrent and install it on your computer?

Install and play.

  • Name: Armikrog
  • Released: 2014
  • Genre: brain teaser, Quest, Adventures
  • Developer: Doug TenNapel
  • Language: Russian English
  • Tabletka: Sewn

Briefly about the game:

Armikrog is an exciting and colorful game created in a logic quest with elements of adventure. If you like games that remind you of “Jim Worm” or “Neverhood,” we recommend that you turn your attention to this game. By the way, Armikrog torrent download is possible from our site, and you will not need to spend your money on downloading and even register a unique account on our site! In addition, many users will like the gameplay or the plot of this game and the colorful plasticine graphics, which are not often found in modern games!

download Download Armikrog for PC

Trailer and gameplay for the game Armikrog

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