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More about the game Dead Secret

Arriving at your relative’s house, you find that he is no longer alive. But gradually moving through the levels and locations, you begin to realize that your ward did not die his own death. The ghosts, who simply filled the house of the deceased, are to blame for everything. Now start your investigation, Search the rooms, but be careful, because the ubiquitous ghosts have simply filled all the living rooms. Now you understand that it will not be easy for you to leave the confines of this gloomy house filled with mystical figures.

How to download Dead Secret via torrent and install it on your computer?

Install and play.

  • Name: Dead secret
  • Released: 2016
  • Genre: Quest, Horror
  • Developer: Robot Invader
  • Language: English

Briefly about the game:

Creepy nightmares and horrors, survival in an unusual house – are the events that will take place in the game intriguing? Now you will find yourself in virtual reality, namely in unusual locations, where your hero will have, oh, how difficult it is. The developers of Dead Secret, a torrent of which is only available for free on our new video game site, have tried to make the gameplay itself simply mesmerizing. It all seems to start clear. Your main character comes to a mansion to visit his old relative, but then unimaginable events will begin. So immerse yourself in the dark atmosphere of this spooky yet addictive horror game! Further events unfold completely unexpectedly!

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Dead Secret Trailer and Gameplay

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