Download Evil defenders for PC

Download Evil defenders for PC

More about Evil Defenders

From all these lovers of profit for free money, be sure to protect and defend their towers, which can be done with the help of magic. To increase your defense, the game has a special skill tree. By developing this tree, you can get about a hundred different game achievements. The map in the game is divided into five main regions: Highlands, Desert, Iceland, Island, and Inferno. Each location has its own unique features, for example, the Altar of Winds, Poisonous Swamp, Treasure Chest, and others. In total, there are 15 locations for missions.

How to download Evil Defenders via torrent and install it on your computer?

1. Install by mounting the image.

2. Copy the contents of the “Crack” folder to the folder with the installed game, replace it.

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3. Play.

  • Name: Evil defenders
  • Released: 2015
  • Genre: Strategy, Recommended
  • Developer: CP Decision
  • Language: English

Briefly about the game:

If you like games from the category when you need to build and defend various towers, then Evil Defenders torrent download will be exciting for you. There will be no shortage of towers here since as many as six dozen of them are in the game, and each has its own special characteristics—for example, Old Crypt, Goblin Crossbowman, Lord of Poisons, Basilisk, and many others. In addition, each of the towers can undergo many different improvements. Build all these towers, improve them in every possible way, and do not be surprised that many opponents will flock to them.

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Evil Defenders Trailer and Gameplay

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