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More about the game World Of Warships

So let’s discuss the merits of the product. Firstly, the game has amazing graphics, created in three-dimensional mode, traced locations, excellent special effects – astonishing is the realistic display of ocean waves that beat against the sides of the ships. As before, in the game system, you will be presented with several “branches of development” of ships, within which you can choose the ships of which country to use. As in the case of World of Tanks, the game is regularly updated with updates: new maps, new ships, new game modes – thanks to the efforts of Belarusian game makers.

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  • Name: World Of Warships
  • Released: 2015
  • Genre: Action, Simulators, Shooting, Military
  • Developer:
  • Language: English

Briefly about the game:

A unique computer game created in the framework of the genre of multiplayer “wargame,” a team-based shooting game in which you have to control all kinds of naval combat ships. It is worth noting that this time the developers from the studio, who have been creating their own project for several months, will send the player to the era of naval battles in the first half of the 20th century. Therefore, if you want to play with a high-quality toy to control warships, we recommend downloading the World Of Warships game via torrent, which can be done directly from this page.

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Trailer and gameplay for World of Warships

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