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Hyper Slasher download torrent For PC

Hyper Slasher download torrent

Hyper Slasher download torrent of a 2D action arcade game with a lot of puzzles and a lot of killings. Destroy opponents to smithereens, defeating them in different locations. All the maps here are gloomy, atmospheric, more suggestive of some kind of action-horror, but not an arcade at all. However, this is an adventure arcade game with a rather interesting plot. You have to fight with a large number of opponents who are minions of the main boss.

Game process

Destroy numerous units, such as monsters, mutants, demons and other evil spirits, which are very numerous here. All enemies are powerful, strong, so there will be a good and serious felling. Arm yourself to the teeth with the best weapons and equipment to face the challenge. Go through all locations from A to Z to reach the antagonist. Destroy it to smithereens, reaching the main boss. As you progress through, there will be several bosses that come your way. Usually they are presented at each location, but there is one main one, it will be waiting for you at the very end. Get to it, destroying numerous monsters who want to capture this world. As you progress, you can pump the main character, improve it, modify it. Collect items and equip the protagonist with them. With them, the main character will become even stronger and more powerful. In the same way, earn experience points and increase general characteristics. Each character’s fighting style is different. Choose your character and fight all the monsters in the fantasy world. Use both melee and ranged weapons. Also, there are magical abilities that can be used in bursts. They require constant replenishment of energy and mana. You must fight for your survival, otherwise you will simply be eaten by pixel monsters. There are a lot of demons in the game, they all want to destroy you and capture this fictional world. Artificial intelligence is advanced, bots behave quite non-trivially, and because of this, the game becomes somewhat difficult.

Hyper Slasher Features

  • interesting gameplay;
  • colorful locations;
  • mass of territories, maps;
  • murders, dismemberment, blood, “meat”;
  • spooky atmospheric arcade;
  • constant battles;
  • advanced artificial intelligence;
  • pumping the main character;
  • modification of weapons, equipment;
  • play alone and online.

You can download the Hyper Slasher torrent right now.

System requirements

  • OS: Windows XP
  • Processor: Dual Core
  • RAM: 1 GB RAM
  • Video Card: 512MB Video Card at least
  • Extras: Hey, if your going to play online, make sure you have broadband, don’t be one of those people on a 56k modem


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