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I Am Dead download torrent For PC

I Am Dead download torrent

Size: 1.49 GB | Seeds: 481 Lychees: 44

I Am Dead torrent download of an adventure puzzle game is worth absolutely all fans of such indie arcades. This is a great adventure game with an interesting story and unique tasks. The game will tell about the afterlife, which was the main character named Morris Lupton. There he will have to go through hundreds of puzzles and puzzles, as well as play mini-games. Solve the riddle of eternity, saving the human world in the present, being in the afterlife.

Story line

Throughout the game, the main character Morris Lupton will go through puzzles, solve puzzles, collect puzzles, exploring a huge fictional world. In real life, you were the curator of the small Shelmerston National Museum. Now, when the time of death has come, you are in the next world. And they immediately met their little dog Sparky there, who died many years ago. Now you are related again and live soul to soul, but already in the afterlife. By the way, it looks very colorful and beautiful. Looking down on how your favorite museum and Shelmerston Island are going under, you decide to save it urgently. The protagonist will have to do absolutely everything to save him, so that the archipelago is still not washed away by the waves of the elements and the museum is fully functioning. Moreover, your faithful friend has taken over the Pinakothek. You are confident in it, but so far things are not going very well there. Help both the museum and the island by exploring the underworld and completing various puzzles, missions and side quests. Discover the ancient secrets of the island, prevent its terrible death and save the archipelago, because soon there will be nothing left of it. You must stop the volcanic eruption, which will explode any minute. Do everything for it. Therefore, the game will have a limited time to complete all the main missions. As you progress, you have to immerse yourself in your own thoughts, return to the past, look for some clues there in order to save the present and the future. Also, Morris has a unique gift that manifested itself in the afterlife. You can look deep into any objects and souls, finding out what lies in their very depths.

Features I Am Dead

  • exciting adventure;
  • ongoing research;
  • a bunch of puzzles, puzzles, riddles;
  • interesting story;
  • many locations;
  • short game.

Download the I Am Dead torrent to play one of the most unusual arcade games on the gaming industry market.

System requirements

  • Operating system: Windows 7, 8, 10 (64bit)
  • Processor: Intel Core i5
  • RAM: 4GB
  • Video card: GTX 460
  • Hard Disk Memory: 7GB


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