Limbo download torrent For PC

Limbo download torrent For PC Limbo download torrent For PC

Limbo download torrent

Edition type: RePack from Mechanics. Size: 0.181 GB | Seeds: 451 Lychees: 62

In the game “Limbo” the gamer will have to solve a lot of logic puzzles and roam around the gloomy world a lot, “Limbo” can be downloaded via torrent. This game, one of the main elements of which is the survival of the character and the constant injection of horror, was developed by the Danish studio Playdead, in July 2010 the game entered the market. At first it was presented only for the Xbox360, and then, within three years, it was released for the most diverse and most popular platforms. With the help of the Box2D engine, on which the game is made, the player can control both the game world and the main character of the game. According to the creators, the game world is a Catholic limbo, that is, a place where souls who have not gone to heaven find themselves, and it is neither purgatory, nor even heaven or hell. This limbo is filled with many traps, where the main character of the game constantly gets. The game world is presented in black and white, throughout the game the player is accompanied by electronic ambient music.

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Story line

The protagonist of the game is a little boy who is looking for his missing sister. At the very beginning of the game, he wakes up on the edge of a gloomy forest and begins his search for the missing girl. Along the way, he constantly comes across people who attack him, or run away, or are already dead. During the game, the boy sees his sister, from whom the radiance emanates, but he does not have time to get to her – the sister disappears. Then he leaves the forest and enters the city, wandering around the city, he meets a little girl who, at the sight of the protagonist, jumps up in fright, this is the last scene in the game.

Game process

The whole game is based on the physical contact of the protagonist of the game with the world that surrounds him. Game design can be summed up in one word – minimalism. Everything is done in black and white and gray tones, the game sounds from time to time sounds that cause a feeling of anxiety. Control of the main character is also minimalistic: the boy can move left and right, climb stones, stairs, jump and push various objects. On average, the game can be completed in four hours, the passage time depends on how quickly the gamer can solve various puzzles. The game “Limbo” can be downloaded via torrent. There are various monsters in the game, for example, a giant spider. Worms dig into the boy’s head, from which it is impossible to get rid of without going to a lighted place. Evil children also get in the way of the protagonist: they throw burning tires at the boy, throw darts or throw stones at him. Towards the end of the game, the main character encounters mechanical traps. For example, he can die by incorrectly solving riddles with electricity. In general, the main character constantly dies, all death scenes, whether it be falling from a height, death from a bullet, drowning, and other things are shown realistically: blood spatters, limbs flying in different directions … The developers advise saving more often, and they call this style of passing “Trial and death” (trial and death method).

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Limbo Features

  • Do not be afraid of the puzzles that the game developers have conceived – they can all be solved on the fly. The game has 39 levels, each of which contains its own puzzle.
  • After each dangerous moment, you can save.
  • The game was released in the 14+ age category. All because of the extremely realistic scenes of the death of the protagonist, when his body is literally torn apart, after hitting, for example, various ingenious mechanisms or
  • The game will help you remember the school physics course, because the hero will have to calculate, for example, the inertia of carts or magnetization with gravity.
  • There is practically no intelligible soundtrack in the game, only the steps of the protagonist, rain and a wide variety of sounds are heard that involuntarily make the gamer shudder. The game “Limbo” can be downloaded via torrent.
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System requirements

  • Operating system: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10
  • Processor: 2 GHz
  • RAM: 512 MB
  • Video card: no older than 5 years. Integrated graphics cards and very cheap ones may not work. Shader 3.0 support required
  • Sound Card: DirectX 9.0c compatible
  • Free hard disk space: 100 MB


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