Neo: The World Ends with You download torrent For PC

Neo: The World Ends with You download torrent

Neo: The World Ends with You download torrent action arcade with role-playing narration. The game is a classic sequel to the first original part of the series, which later became one of the best in the entire franchise. The first part came out in 2007. Now the developers have decided to repeat the success of the first episode by making an interesting and exciting game. If then graphics were used in 2D mode, now you will see a fully three-dimensional exposure.

Game process

Meet the role-playing narrative and a lot of interesting tasks that you need to go through with complete freedom of action. In the game, you will have to fight with a large number of enemy elements, destroying them from a variety of weapons along the way. Develop the main characters and modify them to adequately resist any opponents. Unlike the first episode, here you can control several characters at once. The choice consists of a couple of dozen heroes. Each has unique abilities and characteristics. Before choosing a hero, you need to read about him and understand how he acts in different situations. Attack opponents with different abilities that you can upgrade. The whole game is built on battles and videos, which are no less. And in each such cut-scene, you have to make a choice or action. It will affect a lot in the passage, so be extremely careful and careful. Explore the surrounding locations and find additional items that may come in handy in future battles. The most valuable elements here are some pins. Collect them and use them during the battle. They allow you to apply combinations and tricks with various superpowers. From this, a greater effect appears and your character becomes twice as strong. In addition to pins, there are also threads. These are also valuable items that can be collected as you progress. For killing enemies, all these things are also given. Threads increase the skills of heroes.

Features of Neo: The World Ends with You

  • many battles;
  • research of territories;
  • colorful animated landscapes;
  • graphics in 3D;
  • unique attacks;
  • classic continuation of the legendary first part;
  • use of superpowers and tricks;
  • pumping characters;
  • playing with several characters at the same time.

Download Neo: The World Ends with You torrent and complete the game in one go.

System requirements


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