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planet explorers download torrent

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What to do if the place in which you woke up turned out to be unprecedented on the planet? Although this is a rather strange question, I think many people have asked it. If you are one of those dreamers, then you will definitely like Planet Explorers, download via torrent, and see for yourself everything. Recently, it has become quite popular to split the game directions by others. Of course, this way the gameplay looks much more profitable, and it is more interesting to watch the progress of the game. All this applies to the presented video game. A very interesting project awaits players, with fascinating journeys through previously unexplored areas. Igrodely will immerse you in a fictional world, and everything in it will be unusual and new.

Story line

For the work done on the story, the creators need to say additional thanks, because everything that happens is very addictive. A certain group of new colonists arrives to find out the current situation on one planet. For unknown reasons, the captain lost control and crashed. The surviving crew members found themselves on an unknown planet, having absolutely no food supplies, weapons that would undoubtedly be most welcome. You, as a player, need to help the main character and his comrades explore all the sites, collect the items necessary for survival, fight monsters who strongly dislike intruders. Here you will choose what you will do: devote yourself to buildings, exploring new lands, completing quests, fighting aggressive opponents, crafting, or something else.

Game process

As soon as you start a video game, you can immediately understand that this is a legitimate representative of the RPG genre. Planet Explorers really has everything that characterizes this direction: epic adventures, new universes, scary creatures, battles and much more, download via torrent and try it. Thanks to all of the above, the gameplay does not become more complicated, but rather becomes dynamic, everyone benefits from this, because everyone wants to feel like they are in the center of events. If we talk about battles, then there will be no difficulties here, the most important thing is to watch the nimble enemies with both eyes. The creators decided to put everything on originality. Some will say that they slightly underdeveloped the graphic component, but they came up with an amazing atmosphere of wandering for the players. By genre, it belongs to the RPG, but in addition, there is a lot of action and sandbox elements, which seems surprising. The authors did an excellent job of coping with the task and giving us what we wanted. Make your choice whether you prefer to go on a solo trip or invite friends and have a good time with them.

Distinctive features of Planet Explorers

  • Freedom of decision. You can clearly follow the plot and complete all the proposed tasks, or choose what to do on your own. In any case, it is up to you to decide how to proceed.
  • Unbridled nature. This game is strikingly different from others in that you will not surf space and explore dusty orbits, but find yourself on unexplored lands densely planted with vegetation. You will be amazed by such a huge variety of flora, it will be your breath of fresh air.
  • Survival mode. Just walking around and staring around will not. In Planet Explorers you will look for things from which you can recreate weapons, supplies, drink and resources, then you will collect a flimsy house from them or at worst a temporary shelter, download via torrent to show what you are capable of.

System requirements

  • Operating system: Windows Vista / 7 / 8 – 64 bit
  • CPU Dual 2.0 GHz, RAM 3 Gb
  • VRAM 1 Gb, DirectX 10, OpenCL
  • HDD 56 Gb
  • Windows operating system


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