Arma 2 download torrent For PC

Arma 2 download torrent For PC Arma 2 download torrent For PC

Arma 2 download torrent

Edition type: Repack. Size: 9.16 GB Seeds: 397 Lychees: 44

ArmA 2 is a video game in the ArmA series, critically acclaimed as an excellent simulation of realistic combat. The game is made in the style of a tactical shooter, where the actions are conducted from the first person. The developer of the game is a Czech company, already known to us from the first part, Bohemia Interactive. The game was released in mid-2007 and the game “Arma 2” can be downloaded torrent with the Russian version for free.

Story line:

Actions begin in a fictional country called “Chernorussia”, which is a country of the post-Soviet regime. Approximately, the geographical position of Chernarus is in the northern part of the Caucasus. About 3 million pure Chernorussians live in this country, and also 800 thousand Russians live here. The language of the Chernorussians resembles Czech, in addition, the naming of the inhabitants is also in the Czech maneuver. The capital of this country is the city of Novigrad, and the country is washed by the Green Sea. Chernorussia is shrouded in a civil war that has been going on for two years. The war was fueled by frequent skirmishes between the communist Chernorussian movement, appropriately called the Red Star, and a Western-minded coalition. In 2008, elections were held, in which the democratic wing won, after which tension in the country increased. Debates and uprisings began in Chernorussia, which were actively supported by the Russians, their goal was to unite Chernorussia and Russia, however, these attempts were not successful, they were suppressed by the anti-insurgents “Northern Wind”. In 2009, the Chernorussians prepared a large-scale offensive, led by a famous commander, under the pseudonym “Shark”. And within a few weeks they conquered the entire northern province and announced their independence to the world. Then there were active conversations and meetings with Moscow, where it was about the annexation of Chernorussia to Russia, however, the Chernorussians were refused, in response to which they launched an offensive. They did not have enough strength, the situation became critical, therefore, the head of the executive branch of the Chernorussian people, Alexander Baranov, asked for help from NATO. Assistance was provided, NATO sent American marines to Chernarus to eliminate the conflict. This is where the main character appears – a member of the United States special forces reconnaissance group, calling themselves the Razor group.

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Game process:

The game, Arma 2 download torrent Russian version for free, has realistic graphics, everything in the game, from weapons and military equipment to small insects, produce a realistic effect, they are controllable, and the terrain in the game is destructible. To fly a helicopter, you need to undergo special training. Military tactics also reflect the real world, where patience and ingenuity are required. But the hero cannot jump in the game, instead, he manages to climb through obstacles. In the game, you can adjust the difficulty of the levels. The following levels are available: Expert, Veteran, Soldier, Cadet. The choice of difficulty affects the number of saves in the game, so when choosing the difficulty “Cadet”, the player can save an unlimited number of times. But if you choose the difficulty of “Soldier”, then there is a limitation – 5 times, “Veteran” – 3 times, and on the difficulty “Expert” at all 1 time.

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ArmA 2 features:

  • the game has 5 endings, the end of the game is influenced by the decisions of the protagonist throughout the campaign;
  • The video game contains 12 additional missions that will help uncover other US infantry operations, as well as the ability to choose a side to play for;
  • if morphine is used in the treatment of a player, then you need to keep track of the time, his time is limited;
  • for a more realistic perception of the game, the creators have developed the deepest history of the country, and even found an anthem for Chernarus.

Also, the game Arma 2 is good because you can download it with a torrent with the Russian version for free.

System requirements

  • OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10
  • Processor: Intel Core @ 2.4 GHz / AMD Athlon @ 2.5 GHz
  • RAM: 1 GB RAM
  • Video Card: Geforce 8600GT, Radeon 3650 or better
  • Disk space: 16 GB
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