Enlisted download torrent For PC

Enlisted download torrent For PC Enlisted download torrent For PC

Enlisted download torrent

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One of the most popular modern shooters is the game Enlisted download torrent, which was created based on the most significant episodes of World War II. The player can look at these events through the eyes of the soldiers themselves. The game has several modes that allow you to control the whole squad.

Story line

Enlisted is a team game in which you need to analyze the situation on the battlefield and correctly calculate the actions. As you progress, new characters with their own unique features open up. Also, the user has a large selection of weapons, while the same rifles are rare. All the important battles in the game are made in the form of separate campaigns, the work on each of them requires a carefully thought-out plan. The player should take into account the location, the features of the operation of equipment and weapons. The game consists of separate chapters, during the passage of which the player must complete the tasks facing the real military. The Enlisted scenario conveys real tactics and battles as much as possible. The developers paid a lot of attention to each battle. The player is faced with a variety of tasks: to delay the enemy, whose forces are superior, to participate in the landing operation and prepare the conditions for the landing, or vice versa to repel the attack. A distinctive feature of the game is the ability to lead an entire squad. The user must assemble a team of soldiers, and then play for them until the goal is reached or until the last person dies. Each soldier has his own weapon with unique properties. 120-150 soldiers participate in the battles, which is about 20 detachments. This number is currently the maximum, because an increase in the number of participants in the battle requires higher computer performance. The game can be played in first or third person. The second option is convenient for beginners, but does not allow you to feel the whole atmosphere. Also in Enlisted there is the ability to control military equipment, since this is an important part of any battle. The graphics of the game Enlisted download torrent is also at a high level. Designers have qualitatively drawn all the details of the locations, the appearance of buildings and bunkers. The uniform of the soldiers is standardized, but also affects the effectiveness during the battle.

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Game Features Enlisted

  • tense, gambling battles;
  • the opportunity to feel like a part of the squad;
  • each campaign of the game is unique, created by hand;
  • detailed maps with a scale of up to 100 km2.

System requirements

  • Operating system: Windows 7 / 8 / 10 64bit
  • Processor: Intel Core i3 or better
  • Video Card: Nvidia GeForce 660 or higher, AMD Radeon 78XX series or higher
  • Memory: 8 GB
  • Hard disk: 20 GB


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