Fallout 76 – How to mine raw materials

image4 57 Fallout 76 - How to mine raw materials

In Fallout 76 we have our own CAMP base. Here we can craft items and repair weapons. However, there are other places where there are small workshops – and these are public workshops.

Public because they are available to everyone. They are not owned by any player by default and must be used to take advantage of their features.

Thanks to the workshops, we can produce valuable resources: copper, aluminum, iron, concrete, garbage, acidic or even nuclear materials. The available resources for mining differ depending on the workshops.

Below we have posted a map showing all 21 workshops in Fallout 76.

It is worth noting that the workshop is easy to find when we are near it – so just go to the area indicated by us on the map. At the bottom of the screen on the radar you will see a hammer icon and a key that will lead you to the target.

How to get resources

When we get to the workshop, go to the main control box – the red car – and select the “Remove Workshop” option. Then a short absorption process will begin. After we have to get rid of the enemies in the area, if they appear.

image2 15 1 Fallout 76 - How to mine raw materials

Now the workshop is already ours – until we leave the game or until another player captures it. To start production, do the following:

  • Hold V / Options / Touchpad.
  • Select a category: Resources.
  • Select a production machine and find a point where it can be installed.
  • After assembling the machine, build two medium generators next to it.
  • Connect the generators to the car.

The process is very simple and pleasant because we don’t have to worry about the raw materials to build these facilities. Each workshop has its own supply of wood, screws, electronics, metal, glue, and other crafting materials. We always have enough resources to build two mining machines.

We only place machines for resources in certain places – select a specific production unit in the build menu and inspect the green silhouette that will be drawn where you can build a machine.

image3 66 Fallout 76 - How to mine raw materials

Machines produce resources non-stop. You can leave and complete missions or explore the world during this time, but anyone who comes to the workshop will be able to retrieve the items. Luckily, the quick trip to the workshop you accepted is free.

It is worth installing at least a few turrets to stop the attackers. The players will rarely bother you, but from time to time the workshop will be attacked by a group of ghouls or robots. It is also worth taking care of the fence.

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