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Farming Simulator 19 – How to use fertilizer

Together with the knowledge about weeding that we got in the second lesson in Farming Simulator 19, we can move on to the next exercise, namely: Fertilizer. The use of fertilizers allows us to increase the yield.

In the game we have a couple of fertilizer methods: we can use a manure spreader, a manure tank. In the fertilizer tutorial, we can try each of them.

If we choose the manure spreader (1), we must deploy and activate it before entering the field. To do this, we must use the key combination: LB + A / L1 + X and LB + X / L1 + square.

Another fertilizing tool is the slurry tanker (2). The last way is to use the fertilizer spreader (3). In both cases, we do not need to disassemble anything, just connect the tools with the LB + X / L1 + square buttons to start the fertilizer process. You will pass this stage regardless of whether we have chosen all three options or just one.

If we complete the first stage, the game will take us to harvesting. Now our goal is to plow a field with a radish with a cultivator. This tutorial step looks the same as in the first tutorial. After plowing the corresponding field, the tutorial will end.


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