Grounded download torrent For PC

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Grounded download torrent

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Grounded download torrent survival action-adventure game with elements of arcade storytelling. The world is a dangerous place in which it is not so easy to survive. But you really try. Animated graphics and masterpiece gameplay will do their job. An interesting storyline with an adventure story will captivate you and you can enjoy all its delights. The concept of the game is really unusual and very authentic. After all, where else can you play as an ant?

Story line

The events of the arcade adventure tell about a world in which you will be a real ant. Soon you will know all the hardships and hardships of this insect, everything that he has to go through every time. Surviving in this world is not easy, and this becomes clear from the first seconds of the game. All actions take place in the 1990s, when a group of teenagers decided to go on a trip to the forest and suddenly turned into ants. Now you need to understand how it happened and try to return everything to normal. Until you solve the secret and mystery of how and why people turn into ants, you will not be able to return to normal human form. Explore a huge world where you will meet many other insects. Please note that not all of them are friendly and joyful. Some of them are very dangerous, but, fortunately, you know how to fight, holding some kind of spear or stick in your hands. Fight off other ants, flies, spiders, beetles and other insects that want to harm you. Every action will have a consequence at the end of the game. Build shelters, build your own bases, find tools to create something big, hide in holes and defend your shelter with all your might. You must become the leader of a flock of ants in order to survive in this evil and unfair world. The player is even allowed to create weapons and improve them, improve and upgrade them in every possible way. Play alone, with friends in co-op mode or online, fighting against other characters from any corner of the globe. Co-op mode is designed for 4 players, including you. You will play as teenagers turned into insects and try to overcome this problem. Download the Grounded torrent and start playing a great, interesting and addictive arcade game.

Game process

The gameplay here is very unusual and original. We are sure that you will not find such a concept anywhere, in any other game. Still, you have to control the ant with a first-person camera view, fighting against various insects and exploring a huge world. In the game you need to constantly eat well, drink water, otherwise you will simply die. Also, you need to keep yourself warm and comfortable so as not to freeze. Remember that there are friendly insects out there willing to help you. For example, these are ladybugs. They are ready to take you anywhere, to any place on the map. There is an aphid that ants destroy in every possible way and cook with food. You can drink drops of dew or directly from puddles. An interesting feature is that for players with a fear of spiders, you can choose what they will look like. You can make the spiders be cute creatures and not hurt anyone. Naturally, such machinations are available only with a single passage.

Grounded Features

  • adventure game with an arcade story;
  • unusual plot and narration;
  • ant game;
  • cooperative battles for 4 people;
  • online battles;
  • single passage;
  • beautiful animated graphics;
  • visualization, detailing by 10 points;
  • easy, dynamic missions.

Anyone who loves unusual arcade adventure games should download the Grounded torrent.

System requirements

  • OS: Windows 7 (SP1) / 8 / 10 64bit
  • Processor: Intel Core i3-3225
  • RAM: 4 GB RAM
  • Video Card: Nvidia GTX 650 Ti
  • Disk space: 8 GB


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