GTA 3 download torrent For PC

GTA 3 download torrent For PC GTA 3 download torrent For PC

GTA 3 download torrent

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The first game in the Grand Theft Auto series, which gave players a fully three-dimensional world, the city of Liberty City, which makes you want to return again and again. Despite the fact that it was released in October 2001, a large number of fans still want to download GTA 3 via torrent. The action of the plot events takes place in a small city, the prototype of which is New York. Our protagonist named Claude gets here, after which he begins to engage in dirty gangster affairs.

A vibrant mixture of a car simulator, car theft and a third-person shooter will appeal to many players. The 3D engine, which was first used here, was then used to create two subsequent parts – Vice-City and San-Andreas. The plot of these games is a bit intertwined: despite different cities, familiar characters meet. You can also find these parts on our website if you wish.

Gameplay Features

Explore a large, open and free world, completing missions and doing illegal business. The backbone of the gameplay migrated from the second part of the game: in GTA 3 you will have to complete the tasks of mafiosi and other bandits, gradually pumping respect with them. Moreover, the missions are not mandatory: you can download GTA 3 via torrent and just start enjoying the city around you. Having taken on the execution of any of the tasks, you will not be able to refuse it until you fail it or complete it.

Our hero can walk, run, jump, shoot from all types of weapons, but, unfortunately, he never learned to swim. That is why water can become one of the worst enemies – be careful and careful. Steal vehicles and drive not only cars, but also planes, boats. There are a large number of cheat codes that will also add variety to the gameplay for fans. It will not work to commit crimes all the time and go unpunished – soon our protagonist begins to be pursued by the police.

The wanted level is shown as stars displayed on the screen, ranging from one to six. If you become the most wanted criminals, then not only the police, but also the FBI, along with the US Army and special forces, will arrange a chase. In case of death, our hero is near the emergency hospital, and if the police grab us, then, accordingly, near the police station.

There are a large number of side and hidden tasks that must be completed in order to completely complete the game, and this can be a real challenge. As we progress through the main story missions, more and more new areas of the city with their sights open up before us. Unfortunately, in the original version of the game there is no multiplayer mode, but it is possible to connect it using amateur modifications.

Story Events

The game GTA 3 begins in 2001, that’s when it was released. The main character is an unnamed hero who was betrayed by his companions during a bank robbery. We manage to escape while being transported to prison, after which the player hides from the police and is forced to start a criminal career from scratch. Find new friends, do not be afraid to take on the dirtiest work, and then you will definitely be rewarded in the future.

The name of the protagonist is not mentioned anywhere, besides, he is mute, and silently reacts to the issuance of tasks. In further games in the series, it becomes known that his name is Claude. During the passage of approximately 60 story missions, you will get acquainted with various criminal groups in Liberty City: the Italian mafia, the Japanese yakudka, the Colombian drug cartel, the Chinese triads and the Cuban devils.

Download GTA 3 via torrent and find a way to take revenge on Catalina, who betrayed you during a bank robbery, we can already at the present time. Fortunately, the game ends on a positive note: the protagonist managed to carry out absolutely everything that he had planned before, after which he simply goes “into the sunset” along with his newfound girlfriend.

Game world and engine

GTA 3 was one of the first games to feature a 3D and open game world. The developers tried to absorb all the best from their predecessor games, after which they gave the players the maximum level of freedom and detailing that was unique for that time. If desired, you can switch between several types of cameras, including cinematic, for maximum immersion in the atmosphere.

Game locations are loaded automatically: there are only a few loading screens when moving from one area to another. The times of day change and the weather can be different, which was also innovative for the game of the early 21st century.

System requirements

  • OS: Microsoft® Windows® 2000/XP
  • Processor: Pentium III® 450 MHz
  • Memory: 96MB RAM
  • Video Card: 16MB Direct 3D graphics card
  • DirectX version: Microsoft DirectX® 8.1
  • Hard disk: 500 MB uncompressed free hard disk space
  • Sound Card: Fully DirectX compatible sound card


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