OBS Studio download torrent For PC

OBS Studio download torrent For PC OBS Studio download torrent For PC

OBS Studio download torrent

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OBS Studio download torrent universal program for creating videos. With this application, you can create any video and streaming broadcasts, completely different formats and sizes. Work with a video file in real time, decode, broadcast or change some individual scenes. The program has a large number of tools and functions for direct synchronization with online services, such as YouTube or Twitch. Also, social networks are popular.

Program features

OBS Studio is quite easy to understand, you don’t even need to be an advanced PC user. The library inside the program is extensive, and you can expand it using an online resource. Since the software is written in open source, it means that it is publicly available. You can expand your library of plugins and options with this open source code. You simply download any selected library or tool package and start using them already in the application itself. Inside the software there is a special advanced global search, which is directly synchronized with the Internet space. You just enter any instrument you want to find and the program will automatically search for it on the Internet. Naturally, for all this you need to have access to online. The user interface is quite simple and minimalistic. It is divided into several options with which you can create any video and play with audio settings. The mixer sets the sound automatically, but you can tweak and clean it up. To broadcast online, you must enable the corresponding button and connect to the selected service on the Internet. There you can mute the sound or stop the broadcast. You can also watch the broadcast in real time. There you can fix problems and any situations that arise. It is possible to change the color of the theme, the appearance of windows. Use not only active windows, but also inactive scenes, which are more suitable for previewing and editing. In order to understand the program, there is no need to be a superuser of the PC. One can only read the Open Broadcaster built into the program and understand all its nuances. It is only written in English. Download OBS Studio torrent and create any live video.

Software processes

OBS Studio costs next to nothing without plugins. This software has an extensive range of plug-ins and tools with which you can create masterpieces in real time. Of course, most users use the application for live broadcasts, YouTube broadcasts to the public and social networks, but there are some users who record videos in advance. And for this, this program is also great. Plugins are downloaded via the Internet if they are not found inside the program. All of them must have a DLL format, otherwise they simply will not start. Another feature of the application is the built-in wrapper. This feature allows you to support plugins written in the .NET Framework. You can release videos in various modern formats. We advise you to use audio filters to make your voice clearer, cooler and better. Twitch and Mixer have direct sync with OBS.

OBS Studio Features

  • extensive library;
  • many functions;
  • simple options and tools;
  • many libraries, expansion via the Internet;
  • support for a bunch of web resources and social networks;
  • conducting live broadcasts;
  • video recording for preview.

Download the OBS Studio torrent for a useful application that allows users to record live streaming videos.

System requirements

  • Windows 7 / 8 / 10 (32 / 64 bit)


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