Registration for the Assault Bots closed beta for Android gamers is open, what should I do?

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Remember Assault Bots? These are online battles on small cars. No, this is not Rocket League. A bazooka or an assault rifle can be screwed onto the bibik. In February, MBT began for the game. Now the developers have shown the gameplay from the beta test, plus they are recruiting more Android gamers for testing. We will tell you what needs to be done for this. Follow the link and fill out the form… We indicate your Discord, mail, and so on. One of the conditions: “Can you play from 19:00 to 22:00 Moscow time?” Apparently at this time the servers will be cut down.

Read more about Assault Bots here. It has potential, although we need to work on the interface. Cars can be customized. There is an aiming mode to shoot at a long distance. Cars move fast thanks to nitro.

An early version of Assault Bots is available on Android. You can download it through Google Play, but it is questionable whether you will be thrown onto the servers and whether they are working. If you succeed, unsubscribe in the comments with a screenshot from the game. You can ask the developer through Discord channel

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