Resident Evil 7 – All Weapons, Shotguns, Explosives and Melee Weapons

Resident Evil 7, from the very beginning creates an atmosphere of fear. We run here more often than we reach for weapons. At some point, everything changes, and Ethan, the main character of the game, gets access to more effective weapons.

At the very beginning of the game, when we can escape from the first pursuer, a knife will fall into our hands. It may not seem like much, but it will be your invaluable and effective answer to the menace of dark rooms. However, there are not many fights in the game. But when it comes to them, we must have an effective weapon against the monsters.

Below is a list of available pistols, shotguns, special weapons, and anything else that can be used to fight hostile monsters. Remember also that if you get a heavy weapon, such as a grenade launcher or a flamethrower, then the ammo for them is often rare. So use them for the toughest enemies!

Steel arms

The first weapon of this type will be an axe, with which you will repel the attacks of one of the characters right after the start of the game, still located in an abandoned boarding house. Shortly after reaching the Main House, you will be defenseless again. However, a policeman will come to your aid, who will offer you a small knife. With it, we can defeat even weaker monsters.

The survival knife that we only find in the scene on the ship while playing as Mia is much better. It is located directly opposite the elevator on the second floor.

The situation is different with the buzz saw, which we get after beating the game in less than four hours, thus unlocking the “Get Me Out of Here” achievement. The saw is one of the best picks for hand-to-hand combat, but it requires good knowledge of the game to get it, so you’ll probably only get it after your second approach to the game.

Even more effective, but only for a short time, is the chainsaw. She will help during one of the boss fights, after which she will break and have to be thrown out.


In the game you will meet several types of firearms. The first gun you get relatively quickly, during the skirmish in the garage, will be the G17. When fighting with him, do not forget to shoot only in the head. He has a clip for ten rounds.

The seven-round clip boasts the M19. You will find it in the yard, but before you can use it, you will have to use a repair kit. You will receive the MPM on the first floor of the ship in the safe room. However, this is not a very effective weapon.

The last short weapons described are 44 Mag, Magnum and Albert-01. The first one you buy in the caravan for nine Ancient Coins, and the second one will be automatically obtained after the first passage of the game. Both weapons are characterized by very effective striking power, but only the second has standard ammunition. There aren’t many Magnum rounds in the gaming world.

Guns and machine guns

The M37 shotgun is one of the most effective weapons in the early stages of the game. You will receive it shortly after obtaining the key from the scorpion. It only has a four-round magazine, but is an extremely effective weapon.

The Stealth Shotgun is not as easy to get as it might seem.

The same can be said about M21, which can be taken from the statue from the hands. At some point, after gaining access to the children’s room, you will be able to get a shotgun with which you will perform the same trick by passing it into the hands of the statue. You must use a repair kit. The shot from this gun is powerful, but it only has room for two rounds.

You can play with the P19 assault rifle while playing as Mia. It is also in the ship’s captain’s office, locked in a closet.

Heavy and special weapons

The first heavy weapon you get in the Old House will be the Burner, known by the more popular name of the Flamethrower. Effective, although due to the small amount of available fuel, especially in the early stages of the game, we do not advise you to use it on single or weak opponents.

The grenade launcher is the most enjoyable weapon in the game. Especially with incendiary projectiles.

Another interesting weapon that we will receive upon returning to the Main House is a grenade. The perfect weapon for the toughest enemies and boss fights. Over time, you will also come across special, incendiary projectiles. However, there will not be too many of them, which is a pity, because they are really powerful.

The special and heavy weapon is the time bomb, which we will use on the ship and during the battle in the salt mine.

Where to find repair kits

We have also mentioned weapons here that require the use of repair kits. You will receive one of them by leaving the Main House through the door with the dogs. Then turn towards the porch, which is hidden by a piece of sheet metal. Open it and crawl to where you need to destroy the chest that contains the first set.

You will receive the second one after completing the first traps in the test area. In a room where the walls and most of the objects are lined with white overlays, in the corner there is a ladder and a mannequin head. Interact with it to remove it and get another repair kit.


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