Star Wars – Jedi: Fallen Order Khatab download torrent For PC

Star Wars – Jedi: Fallen Order Khatab download torrent

Size: 54.16 GB Seeds: 366 Litchi: 67

Star Wars – Jedi: Fallen Order hits the game screens and is already available for download via torrent from Khatab. New large-scale events, deep atmosphere, immerse yourself in a world of adventure across the galaxy filled with dangers and various obstacles.

Story line

Star Wars – Jedi: Fallen Order is a game from the developers of the Respawn Entertainment studio. This project provides only a single-user mode, which is very well and conveniently worked out. The game has an action / adventure genre with a third-person view. The developers have put a lot of effort into bringing the full realistic fantasy world of Star Wars to the players. Khatab made the game available for download via torrent. The game story takes place after the events that took place in the last episode known to us, Star Wars Episode 3: Revenge of the Sith. When Emperor Palpatine announces the beginning of the order number 66, which says about the betrayal of the Jedi. After the publication, the Inquisition released an army to fight and exterminate the Jedi. As a result, most of the Jedi died at the hands of the Empire. However, there are survivors, one of whom will be a young Padawan named Kel Ketis. Having gone underground, he is not going to remain in the shadows for the rest of his life. He sets off to surf the galaxy in order to restore order and bring the bowl of order into balance with harmony. During his adventure, he will meet quite a few heroes, these will be the remnants of the order, and adventurers, and mercenaries. Our hero will have to fight multiple times, as enemies are already waiting for him at every corner: the Inquisition, the inhabitants of the earth, robots, etc. On the way with him will always be his faithful friend – a small droid BD-1. From equipment, we can use our main weapon as a lightsaber, through which Kel is able to cut through anything. Kelu has a difficult path ahead, because he is also a young Padawan, due to this it is necessary to survive and continue his training in battle, discovering new skills, abilities and abilities.

Game process

First of all, at the beginning of the gameplay we will see excellent and detailed graphics, shortly after entering the first collision with opponents, we see epic animation and combat system. The combat system was designed in the style of “Dodge-hit”, that is, our hero will have to attack, parry, jump, do somersaults and attack again. And at the end of the health of opponents, we observe an epic finishing move. Speaking about the difficulty, the developers paid a lot of attention to the comments of gamers from the last part, we recall that our players had a difficult series of this project, as a result of which the mode for adjusting the difficulty of passing is available in this version. The next are “Abilities and Skills”, the most trivial of them are: telekinesis, temporary inhibition of both the environment and individual objects. Telekinesis performs ejection, suffocation, and attraction of opponents. Temporarily slowing down the environment allows us to explore difficult areas or eliminate entire groups of enemies, which is practical when fighting the Inquisition. Braking objects disorients enemies, giving them a chance to deal with the rest or more. From the inventory, it is worth highlighting the location map, which may include the BD-1 droid – our faithful friend and comrade.

Features of Star Wars – Jedi: Fallen Order

  • Well-designed graphics and combat system;
  • Epic battles and an interesting plot;
  • Possibility to stylize your sword, droid and ship. The game is recommended for people who prefer interesting adventures and moderately added collisions with the enemy. The game is already available for download via torrent from Khatab.

System requirements

  • OS: 64-bit Windows 7/8.1/10
  • Processor: AMD FX-6100/Intel i3-3220 or Equivalent
  • RAM: 8 GB RAM
  • Video Card: AMD Radeon HD 7750/NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650 or Equivalent
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Disk space: 55 GB


Star Wars – Jedi: Fallen Order Khatab download torrent
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