The Origin Mission is another Counter-Strike clone on mobile phones from Asia

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Do you know Counter-Strike? This is a popular shooter from Valve that everyone plays. So, the Asians again set to work: they are making a mobile clone. Its name is The Origin Mission. Here is the beloved Dust 2, which was carried over exactly from the Global Offensive. Players are divided into teams, each of which has five fighters. The interface is spammed with different icons, but everything looks good. Matches are long, although slightly shorter than on PC. There are minor flaws: while “flaunting” with a pistol, his model remains in the air.

The question remains: “How long will the game live and how quickly will it be banned by Valve?” Characters move clumsily, and the project is unlikely to go beyond TapTap. If you invite friends via the link, they will give skins (for both weapons and character).

The Origin Mission beta test kicks off on June 3rd in Thailand. Pre-registration can be done through TapTap or official site… There is no global release information. The language is Thai, but everything is clear.

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