The sixth season of “Heat” for Call of Duty: Mobile begins tomorrow, in August will add a zombie mode

If you love the zombie mode and Call of Duty: Mobile, then you are surely looking forward to the sixth season of “Heat”. With it, new Battle Pass rewards will be added to the game; if you go to the free stage, then at level 15 you will receive a series of points “Swarm”, which allows you to call drones-hunters. At level 21, there will be a rapid-fire MX9 weapon, at later stages there will be an AK-47 “Illumination” and a “Harsh” business card.

If you decide to buy the Battle Pass, you will receive the Double Agent Rose skin, Graceful Escape business card, a new amulet and ICR-1. For Price, premium gamers will receive the Captain skin, and the Revolutionary for Domino, plus the KN-44 Encirclement blueprints and MX9 Stone Serpent blueprints.

Two cards will be added to the network game:

  • Slums – this map first appeared in Black Ops II. It has streets, a central fountain and many corners.
  • Stack – a training ground in the desert, an almost symmetrical map for small groups. The debut took place in Modern Warfare. Starting from the 6th season, the map will go into rotation of the “Fire Contact” mode

The most important thing for Call of Duty fans is the return of the Siege of the Undead zombie mode. It takes place on the map Isolated, where you have to hold back the onslaught of the dead for five days. During the day, you can get supplies and equipment, after sunset – to reflect the continuous attacks of the dead. With each wave, zombies become more and more powerful, firearms, turrets and team tactics will come in handy to win. More than 25 awards await the lucky ones.

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