Unreal Tournament download torrent For PC

Unreal Tournament download torrent

Size: 244.92 MB | Hand out: 280 Download: 40

Download the Russian version of Unreal Tournament 3 from the torrent and dive into one of the best team shooters of our time. An enhanced single-player campaign and well-added artificial intelligence in combat tactics will allow you to enjoy the game alone, giving you many pleasant hours of gameplay.

Story line

The amazing is nearby: the classic network shooter, designed for playing over the network, has brought an almost full-fledged single player mode and a simple plot. The main character and, concurrently, a mercenary named Reaper, takes revenge on the evil invaders Nekris, not sparing his stomach and sparing no cartridges. After the Reaper’s homeland fell under the yoke of the evil walking dead, our hero decided to restore justice at all costs and destroy the evil conglomerate. The campaign is a struggle for survival and, in fact, is a training session before hot online battles. Pretentious video inserts on the game engine tell about the history of the local world, its rules and foundations, and the missions are the same arenas, only against bots. Nothing special, but the good news is that artificial intelligence sometimes behaves unpredictably and it is quite difficult to predict its actions. A single player game allows you to prepare well for real fights, get acquainted with weapons and vehicles, and gain the necessary combat skills. So we advise you to go through it until the very final video, because in the denouement lies an unexpected twist and such a good surprise.

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Game process

So, what awaits the players who have downloaded the Russian version of Unreal Tournament 3 from the torrent? For players familiar with the series, it may be disappointing that the developers have sacrificed many game modes in favor of a wider reach for a new audience. Yes, and it is immediately noticeable that the shooter is starting to return to its roots, slowly abandoning the experiments from the previous parts. Adrenaline pills and combo counters have been completely removed from the game. The engine has become smoother and more measured, so jumping uncontrollably from floor to floor, developing some kind of completely insane speed, will no longer work. The weapon arsenal hasn’t changed much – a few new guns have been added, but otherwise it’s the good old Unreal Tournament. But with transport it has become much better and more diverse. The fleet has grown solidly and added in quality. The Nekris race is generally pleasing with its semi-organic cyborgs with a creepy appearance. How about a giant spider that can curl up into a ball or wrap itself in a force field? Looks cool and unusual. And, perhaps, the main and most juicy novelty is a flying board for legs, a kind of analogue of a skateboard, only with a levitation function. Available to absolutely all players, the gadget is capable of speed, has good maneuverability and makes it possible to ride like a hare, clinging to the vehicles of other players.

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Unreal Tournament 3 features

  • Innovations. Let them be few, but they are pleasant. Transport pleases with its diversity and appearance, alternative fire modes of familiar guns are a pleasant surprise, new maps and modes arouse curiosity. The developers abandoned many questionable features of the gameplay for the sake of its quality;
  • Multiplayer. I agree, it’s stupid to include a multiplayer mode in the merits of a game that is designed for it. But the fact remains – this is one of the best and most driving fun for online battles. A lot of fun, enthusiasm and excitement, speed and tactics. Everything fits perfectly within the game, setting a great balance.
  • It is strongly recommended to download the Russian version of Unreal Tournament 3 from the torrent for familiarization and hot online battles.

System requirements

  • Operating system: Windows 95/98/XP/Vista/7/8/8.1;
  • Processor: 2.66 GHz;
  • Memory: 128 Mb;
  • Video card: 64Mb;
  • Free disk space: 700 Mb;


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