10 single player games on iOS and Android that you might not know about

10 single player games on iOS and Android that you 10 single player games on iOS and Android that you might not know about

10 single player games on iOS and Android that you 10 single player games on iOS and Android that you might not know about

Hello mobile gamers! AppTime Media is with you and in this issue I will tell you about 10 games on iOS and Android for one person. And there is a chance that you did not even know about them or forgot about them. So pour some tea, sit back and enjoy, remembering that only on AppTime you can find the latest news from the video game industry. Go!

Border Officer

There were many clones based on “Papers, Please”, but it was Border Officer who tried to show not only the working life of a border guard, but also her personal one. Because of this, we wake up in a real shack with all the relatives: wife, uncle, son and even mother-in-law. Next, you need to go to work on gazelle or his car, but even here the choice does not end, because on the way the player will come across houses with gambling, where you can spend your entire salary.

In addition to incidents at work, it is necessary to monitor the level of health of relatives, this is done with the help of medicines. They spend money that is earned by hard work – checking documents and deciding whether to let a person through or not. Every day you have to turn on the computer, get acquainted with the files and rules. For the most part, there are those who purely came to work or who are inadequate. Of course, the developers can be praised for such a sophisticated simulator, only on smartphones the graphics are much worse than the PC version.

hello neighborhood

Publisher tinyBuild is releasing all sorts of turkeys that could end up being a real hello neighbor franchise. At first glance, the gameplay is banal – we run around someone else’s house in search of the right items to solve puzzles. Only at the same time you need to hide the Neighbor himself, although he is not so dangerous and just throws you across the road. At the start, he is easily deceived, plus he quickly loses interest in the character, even if he lost him inside his own house. But not everything is so simple – the Neighbor studies the player’s behavior and each time it becomes smarter; Well, like artificial intelligence on steroids. What does it mean? For example, he will set traps in places where you run most often.

It’s a pity that there is no multiplayer in this part, and it has already become technically and graphically outdated – bugs catch your eye, you can’t run into houses, and if you stand close to the wall, you will see empty space. By the way, there are no graphics settings and the game adapts to your device. Fortunately, the first act is distributed free of charge, but you will have to pay for the rest, which is not entirely realistic at the present time.

Rysen Dawn

Doing parkour, broadcasting live and gathering an audience is not life, but a fairy tale! Rysen Dawn just allows you to do this, and the local physics and animations give away the mobile version of Mirror’s Edge. The gameplay is very simple – we are given several locations with levels, during which we need to pass checkpoints and perform tricks along the way; it is for them that you gain likes and become popular. They don’t let you choose the gender of the character, but as you earn money, you can buy stylish clothes, such as a hoodie and a rag mask. The developers even promise to listen to their music, only this feature is blocked at the start. And the offers of advertisers as earning extra currency does not work, at least for now.

As for the controls in Rysen Dawn, at first it seems awkward, but then you get used to it, chop off your brains and cleanly run around the locations, performing tricks and getting points. By the way, if you don’t like the messages in the broadcast chat, you can cut them off. In general, as a parkour simulator, Rysen Dawn can go in, but due to the lack of progress, the game will get bored after a while.

green glass

Games like Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice catch the eye thanks to the picture of the very east with sakura and samurai. Green Glass offers just to admire the local views and ride a horse with a sweetheart to calm music. Publisher NetEase worked on the game, only this is not a typical MMO, but a silent Journey-style adventure. Often you will have to solve puzzles, like in Prince of Persia, but without wall jumping. By the way, local locations are worked out, the same goes for character models and animations.

Another plus is a clean interface with minimal information, due to this, all the attention is on the gameplay. It’s a pity that this is a Chinese project, which is why the whole plot passes by. There are fights in Green Glass, and the choreography is reminiscent of oriental films, where a brave samurai deals with a group of enemies with one blow of the ax at once, who can repel an attack and give back. Download, you won’t regret it.

Tales of The Neon Sea

Tales of The Neon Sea holds a special place in my heart – this is a cyberpunk pixel adventure in which we take on the role of Detective Rex. He will have to remember what happened earlier and why society is about to split into two camps. To do this, you need to explore locations, look for items and solve puzzles. All this is accompanied by dialogues with colorful characters and the search for a maniac who somehow annoyed the main character.

If you are afraid that this will be another story about social inequality, mega-corporations and rogue hackers, then you should not – all these motives go in the background, and in general, Tales of The Neon Sea incorporates elements from different genres, from quests to platformers. Well, what you will definitely see is a ton of references to the work “Blade Runner”.

Suicide Squad: Special Ops

Old mobile games may have gone out of fashion, but they can still be addictive. One of them is based on the Suicide Squad. Everything is extremely simple in it – you control one of three characters: El Diablo, Deadshot or Harley Quinn. They talk to each other in text format and in Russian, simultaneously destroying enemy waves. The gameplay is first-person and still looks brisk. I also note that each hero has his own abilities with an ult, and you can switch between them after reflecting the next wave.

According to the gameplay, we open new zones and pump over, choosing one of the two proposed buffs; i.e. Suicide Squad: Special Ops is an arcade shooter with roguelike elements. As for me, the easiest character is El Diablo, since he automatically shoots fire and is at a distance, but with Harley and Deadshot everything is more difficult, and aiming at modern shovels acts disgustingly, and close you will rake from enemies.

Dive in the Past

When you look at Dive in the Past, you think: “Yes, this is Subnautica on smartphones!”. Actually this is not true. Yes, we will explore the underwater world, divided into levels and united by the plot, but there is no freedom of action – you are given specific tasks and until you complete them, do not even think about rest. As we progress, our character fills out a diary, makes sketches and talks about a certain expedition, although the plot is in English.

Dive in the Past takes about an hour to complete. During this time, you will set up scanners to obtain an image of a huge ship, restore broken things and float to the surface. By the way, some riddles pass for a while, plus a limited number of attempts are given. As a result, I recommend evaluating Dive in the Past as an indie project without ads and donations, then you will get a ton of pleasure.

Animus: Harbinger

Now let’s move on to the Dark Souls clone, namely Animus: Harbinger. Imagine a knight in armor and with a huge ax fighting the boss, dodging his heavy attacks. The developers have added rolls, dodges and special finishing moves for the exhausted enemy. Gradually, we free the lands from filth, get gold and other materials for pumping. Of course, the bonfire, near which our knight camped, again acts as a stronghold of hope.

Yes, this is not a Pascal Wager, but there are standard elements of the genre – pumping, inventory management, armor improvement, and even a black market where top equipment is purchased for real money. Of course, there is no open world here, and there are so many buttons on the screen that you have to die again and again. The only pity is that because of the meager graphics, there is nothing for the eye to cling to.

LEGO Star Wars: TFA

A game based on the Star Wars universe, also in the style of LEGO – wrap two! This time we’ll be given a run through of The Force Awakens with typical silent jokes and ridiculous situations, although there are some voiced dialogues in the cutscenes, probably taken from the movie itself. Then everything is the old fashioned way – we clean up small locations, collect items and switch between characters as needed. At the first level, you understand that in order to solve some riddles, you need to open new heroes, so do not rely on 100% from the first playthrough.

Compared to the PC version, LEGO Star Wars for smartphones is cut short. It saves that fans of the franchise will see the events that took place before the episode “The Force Awakens”, and the puzzles can be completed in different ways. Well, the icing on the cake is air battles on spaceships.


Finally, I left an unusual game called Moncage. It was made by the same studio that now makes Torchlight Infinite. It is essentially a puzzle game in which we explore a cube and solve puzzles inside it. One thing – each of the parties is a separate scene or even a time period, and in order to move forward, you need to find how it all is interconnected. Don’t be afraid if you get stuck in one place – the game highlights the right items, so just enjoy the local views, listen to calm music and collect photos to make a single story out of them.

And that’s all for me, dear friends. Thank you for watching to the end – we are trying only for you. I wish you health and a peaceful sky over your head. See you soon!

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